How To Pack A Perfect Carry-On.

How To Pack A Perfect Carry-On.

A Sturdy Bag

My bag of choice is this awesome, large Kate Spade bag that I have had for almost 8 years it has seen some seen some sticky situations but its nylon so its super easy to clean and is still in perfect condition. Unfortunately, they don’t sell the exact one that I have but this one is the closest to a perfect match.




Healthy snacks

I am obsessed with coconut snacks my usual brand is Dang Toasted Coconut Chips but I was at trader joes so their version will have to do. I also love to take Lara Bars, Dried Fruit, Tuna Packets and Beef Jerky.


You will never catch me without a good chapstick, I have the driest skin and flying always leads to cracked lips for me. I am currently LIVING for the Aveda Lip Saver.

Pro Tip: If you are in a city with an Aveda school in it, their students give amazing facials and the price is right!

Hair Clips

Am I the only one that somehow gets a large knot in my hair if I wear my hair down while traveling? Probably. I love a hair clip while traveling because I can put my hair up wear it like that for 6 hours and then once I land, take it down and it looks like I just styled it.

Phone Charger

What is worse than midway through a 6-hour flight and your phone dies? Absolutely nothing. Don’t forget to keep your phone charger in your carry on because a flight with no entertainment can be a total snooze fest.

A Good Book

I know most people read on their phone or an iPad but there is nothing better than a physical copy of a book. I love to listen to a Disney soundtrack and read a horrifying book, it’s the little things.

I took this picture prior to reading that book, I do not recommend it but I love a thriller. What books should I be reading this summer? I NEED some recommendations.

A Hat

I try to never fly with makeup on and what better way to block an uneven complexion than a hat? Also, this way I can have third-day hair and no one will ever notice. I feel like Aviate Brand hats are the most appropriate to wear on airplanes; you can shop their whole collection here:

Neck Pillow

I’ve talked about this pillow in a previous blog post (how to survive a long haul flight) but good god, this pillow is everything. I’m a plane sleeper, get me on a large aircraft and I’m 100% of the time asleep prior to take off for a solid 30-minute nap.


I always change which headphones make it in my carry on; this time it was in the earbuds, sometimes it’s my sleep headphones, sometimes its a large obnoxious over the ear style but no matter what I ALWAYS have a pair.

Sanitizing Wipes

Let’s get real; airplanes are gross like flying in an infirmary and gym mixed together gross. Most of the time airplanes have an hour turn around time so there is no downtime for cleaning, I like to do whatever I can to ensure that I arrive at my destination healthy and that is sanitizing everything around me before I touch a thing.

Face Oil

I’m obsessed with oil as a moisturiser, it seems to really help my dry itchy skin. depending on the length of the flight I like to throw in a sheet mask as well. My dry skin is so appreciative when I take these measures for healthy glowing skin.

A Large Wallet or Clutch

I like to keep my passport, ID, important documents all in one place that is easily located. There is nothing worse than getting to the front of security and you can’t find your ID anywhere. Also, call me old fashioned but I really really love a hard copy of my boarding pass, am I the only one?


Its just one of those things I never leave home without because no one ever wants dry, ashy skin.

Water Bottle

I love my liquids. Carrying an empty water bottle through airport security is a must. I fill it up at a water fountain once I am past security to help fight the dehydration that planes cause.

Okay, but what am I missing? What are some MUST HAVES that are always in your carry on?



Skincare Essentials I Never Leave Home Without

Skincare Essentials I Never Leave Home Without

Let’s talk about skincare! Often when traveling the priorities of items packed often change but my skincare routine is one thing I keep consistent.

I have very dry, sensitive skin so I am very cautious with what items I put on my skin. I am also very cognisant to maintain the same skin care routine whether I am home in Southern California or traveling elsewhere.


FotoJet (14)
Skin Care Essentials

Now let’s get to the best skin care products for traveling with dry skin.

  1. Gentle face wash; Traditionally I stick to Aveeno face wash but received the BRTC foaming cleanser in an IPSY bag and am very happy with the results. This past trip I wanted a travel size cleanser so this time around it replaced my normal, gentle face wash.
  2. Daily moisturizer with sunscreen; post shower I immediately put face lotion and body lotion on. Again, my skin is DRY so if I don’t get the added moisture from the shower absorbed into my skin, then I’m going to have a horribly EXTRA dry day. My daily face lotion changes on the time of year but usually the line up consists of Aveeno, CeraVe, and Neutrogena.
  3. Face Serum; I have read many varying opinions on when to put face serum BUT I always put face serum on after my daily moisturizer and before my primer. It really helps my skin absorb both the moisturizer and the serum. I switch off between an argan-based skin serum and this rosehip oil.
  4. Hydrocortisone cream; once more, my skin is sensitive!! I constantly get small rashes on my face, these rashes are normally around the eyes and mouth, and this Aveeno cream immediately tackles the issue.
  5. Moisturizing face mask; anything and everything Peter Thomas Roth does is amazing but I am really living for this gentle face mask. I use this mask 2 – 3 times a week and it really helps with fine lines and dehydrated skin. My skin goes a little crazy when I travel to new climates and constantly using this helps avoid that craziness.
  6. Sheet Mask; I like to do a sheet mask once a week, it’s the best way for my skin to really soak up some deep moisture. To be honest, I have absolutely no alliance to one brand when it comes to sheet masks but I always look for a product that contains hyaluronic acid.

On top of these essentials, my favorite and my most recommended skin care product is sunscreen. Never forget the anti-aging power of sun protection!

I am always looking for new skin care routines and products, my current regiment is working great but as weather changes so do skin care priorities. I would love to know everyone’s skincare essentials, what products should I add to my travel essentials?

– Heather

BH Cosmetics

Travel Tips: How to survive a long haul flight (12+ hours)

Let me start this post off with most people won’t agree with, I love to fly, like love love love but the idea of a flight from LAX to Sydney still gave me intense, unavoidable anxiety. To prepare for the long haul I took my normal flight preparedness and amped up the intensity by 10 folds to ensure a happy transpacific flight.

This past November we flew from Birmingham, AL to Sydney, Australia with layovers in Houston and LAX. The longest haul of the flight was from LAX to Sydney, 15 hours in the air! We were landing in Sydney on my birthday so I wanted to be in the best possible condition. Basically, I wanted to know how I could sleep for 15 hours straight, unfortunately, there is no magic potion for this but I tried HARD! I did a ton of research on how to get adequate rest on a long haul flight and have some tips to share.

A Very Happy Birthday in Sydney


  • No alcohol
    • I know, total bummer but if you would like to get deep sleep and wake up rejuvenated than this is the path to take.
  • Drink tons and tons of water.
    • Flying alone dehydrates you and then add in the salty snacks and sodium-heavy food if you aren’t drinking tons of water that’s a disaster waiting to happen.
  • Carbo-load.
    • Prior to loading the flight or once on the plane, take advantage of carb-heavy foods. This increase in carbs will help with a deeper slumber and give you more energy once you arrive at your destination.
  • Exercise the day of, get your body moving! Once on the flight, you will be sedentary for 16+ hours so make sure to get as much exercise in prior to wheels up.

What to pack:

  • A small blanket or  a wrap
    • Most long haul flights will provide a small blanket but I never want that to touch my face so I always bring my own wrap to cover my neck and face because I need the plane to be DARK!
  • Lotion
    • I’m sure most people have normal skin but if your skin is insanely dry like me, this is a must! I love this calming lotion, with hints of lavender it’s just a great one to have.
  • Sanitizing wipes
    • Airplanes are crawling with the grossest germs and recycled air,  so wipe everything down! I mean how horrible would it be to arrive on vacation and have the flu!
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
    • In a normal 16 hour period I brush my teeth at least twice, why would that be any different on an airplane?
  • A quality neck pillow
    • I have searched everywhere for a neck pillow that would actually help support my neck and help increase the chances of a deep sleep. After many failed pillows I have found the holy grail of neck support. I really love this neck pillow because it not only supports the back of the neck but also the front and alleviates the annoying head bobbing that happens.
    • My favorite neck pillow can be found here.
  • Sleep Headphones
    • This pair was recommended to me by a friend, life-saving!!
    • These headphones are a game changer, comfortable to sleep in while also keeping your ears warm. I am an extremist while flying and want complete silence so I put my over the ear headphones on top of the sleep headphones.
  • Compression socks
    • I always thought this essential was only for travelers 30 years my senior, but I was wrong, a necessity when sitting that long
  • Healthy Snacks!
    • Chances of an American based airline having good healthy snacks are slim. My favorites to bring along are beef jerky, fruit, nuts, Lara bars and if I am feeling crazy tuna packages.
  • Makeup remover
    • Duh, because 16 hours in makeup is gross.
  • Eye Mask
    • Unless I am rewatching an entire season of Real Housewives, I want to be asleep and I need it to be dark, like dark dark!
  • Calming Supplement
    • I was once on a flight where there was “extreme turbulence” and all passengers had to sit in their seats for 6 hours, these came in handy!

On top of this list of items, I also took a melatonin pill and slept great, woke up in Sydney and almost felt normal (almost). I hope these tips help inspire you to book a transatlantic flight tomorrow!