Things To Buy On Amazon: Long Sweaters

Things To Buy On Amazon: Long Sweaters

When I started blogging about fashion one thing was VERY important to me, I wanted everything I blogged about to be affordable to everyone. I am a very proud bargain shopper and love to share my attainable fashion finds with all readers or really anyone who will listen.

I am able to find affordable pieces everywhere! My mom taught me never to buy anything at full price and I think I do an EXCELLENT job at sticking to that rule. I shop everywhere but my absolute favorite places for new clothing pieces are Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx and Amazon. Amazon is quickly becoming my number one source for my wardrobe but its just so easy!! 

Recently, I was home alone, bored by myself on a Saturday night so of course, what did I do, ONLINE SHOP! Within 10 minutes of searching the web, I did some damage, remember when I said Amazon was easy? I wasn’t kidding. I have been obsessing over long, fun sweaters so when I jumped on Amazon I knew exactly what I was looking for.

I strictly live by the policy that if something isn’t comfortable, I’m not wearing it. I hope my blog reflects that policy because in real life I am VERY serious about it. These three sweaters I am about to show you are just that COMFORTABLE! 

Okay now, let’s get to this amazing Amazon haul. Yall are going to LOVE these sweaters!

Rainbow Sweater

I realize that most people don’t see this loud rainbow cardigan as a fall staple but I am not most people. I love rainbow stripes. LOVE!!!! This cardigan really brightens up an all black or neutral outfit.

Rainbow Cardigan Outfit

Olive Green Cardigan

Everyone once in a while you need a dark colored sweater that isn’t black. This fall I have been obsessing over olive green, it’s not a normal color in my wardrobe but I can’t stop buying items of this color.

Fall Cardigan Outfit

Leopard Print Cardigan

We all know leopard print is all the rage this fall so I really have been on the lookout for the perfect, affordable long leopard cardigan. I have found tons but none were in a price range I was willing to pay and then I found this beauty! It’s perfect! Comfortable, cute, affordable, a real must purchase item.

Leopard Print Cardigan

Do y’all love these sweaters as much as I do? I sure hope you do because I was blown away at the quality and price point of these three perfect fall sweaters.

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A Week In Colombia: What I Wore

A Week In Colombia: What I Wore

We just returned home from a week in Medellin, Colombia, its such a beautiful, unique city with beautiful shades of green and delicious coffee. Medellin weather is amazing, its known for its spring-like temperatures year round and with the exception of one cool morning, the entire trip was 75 degrees of perfection.

I learned so much from my trip to Medellin so I am working on a fun travel guide for Americans traveling to the city. A year ago, I never would have thought that I would travel to Colombia because I thought it was a violent, scary place. I was so wrong! It’s such a beautiful country with nice, welcoming individuals who are very proud of their country.

In true Heather fashion, I wanted to pack light. I only took a carry on for my 6-day trip so I had to pack items that were versatile and I could re-wear. Luckily my wardrobe is FULL of black, black pieces are so versatile and mix well with almost every other color.

I really don’t need new summer or spring clothes like, at all! but the day before the trip I made a stop in Target and bought several new things that I excitedly packed for Colombia. All over Instagram, I see women talking about their affinity for Target clothing. (Also, if you aren’t following me on Instagram, why don’t you head that way and follow me?)  To be honest, I am traditionally not the biggest fan of  Target clothes but they have new lines of clothing that are super cute and actually really nice quality.

Every piece I took on the trip was under $50 because you know this girl loves a deal!

Now let’s talk about some clothes!

Outfit 1: A Day In The Park

Medellin is covered in these big, gorgeous, luscious parks, such beautiful outdoor space.

Outfit 2: Exploring The Hotel Grounds

We stayed one night in a sprawling hotel in Rionegro, right near the airport. The grounds were beautiful and covered with Peacocks.

Outfit 4: Another Day, A Different Park

I love a graphic tee, I think they are so cute and look great with jeans or skirts. My favorite graphic tee is this old one from Abercrombie years ago. Unfortunately, its no longer available so I put a list together of my favorite graphic tees under $25.

Outfit 5: A Night Out On The Town

I was going through my pictures today and realized that I was so concerned with getting outfit pictures that I only got one picture with my husband in it, oops! I had such a great time in Medellin, I can’t wait to perfect my Spanish so I won’t be so embarrassing next time I visit South America.

Happy Weekend!

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Things I’m Obsessing Over This Week: Fall Lipstick Colors

Things I’m Obsessing Over This Week: Fall Lipstick Colors

It’s October? Already? 2018 flew by!!! I’ve had some MAJOR life changes in 2018 and can’t believe we are already knocking on 2019’s door.

One major change was a cross-country move to the desert town of Palm Springs, CA. Now that we live in Palm Springs, fall looks a bit different for us than it did in Birmingham. Palm Springs is hot year round, an average fall day is 85 with s slight breeze. Birmingham, AL isn’t known for its cool temperatures but its the coldest climate I have ever lived in and I was obsessed with fall there.

Palm Springs is the most beautiful and instagrammable place I have ever lived but definitely comes with some downsides, like no seasons.  I don’t get to experience the leaves changing or the cool evenings of fall but that doesn’t mean I can’t get myself in the Fall Spirit. I love Halloween and my birthday is in the Fall so I have lots of things to look forward to in Fall.

One of the things I really look forward to is updating my makeup routine. No matter the actual weather, every season I love to update my makeup routine just a little. For instance, in summer I like lots of golds and shimmer and by winter I prefer a clean more matte look. In the fall, I like to soften my blush to a more mauve color and use a lot of cool-toned eyeshadows. I like to subtly update my entire makeup routine every season but one thing I really love to update is my lip color.

IMG_2539 (1)
Fall Lipstick
Wearing NYX Liquid Suede in Vintage

I’ve said it once, I’ll say 10 more times, I LOVE A BOLD LIP! This summer I was obsessed with a very glossy nude lip but my usual go-to colors are purples and reds with a strong brown undertone.

Okay now, let’s get to the lip colors I am OBSESSING over this fall.

I have talked about this ALL over this blog but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE lipstick! To quote my girl Rhianna, “Lipstick. It draws attention away from any flaws. When someone is wearing lipstick, you just assume they’re wearing a full face of makeup. And guys are stupid–they won’t notice when you’re not.” YES GIRL!!! I couldn’t agree more! Its the easiest makeup to apply and really completes a look.

If you were to look in my current makeup bag about 40% of the bag is lip products, I really can’t live without a strong lip collection. What’s your go-to makeup product? Are you as obsessed with lip products as I am? If so, what brands are you obsessing over? I always need more lipsticks!!!

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Things I’m Obsessing Over This Week: Faux Leather Leggings

Things I’m Obsessing Over This Week: Faux Leather Leggings

We just returned home from a perfect weekend in Denver, we had the best time in the mile high city! We ate a ton, drank a ton and laughed a ton, it was such a relaxing weekend! Not only did I have a great time seeing all of my friends in Denver I also loved being in cooler temps so I could bust out my favorite fall clothes and fall accessories.

I flew to Denver with just one small personal item, I didn’t want to pay for a carry on so I had to be very strategic in my packing for the weekend away. The way I was able to successfully pack so lightly was incorporating versatile clothing items. My favorite versatile item I packed with me are my faux leather leggings from The Loft. These leggings can be dressed up with heels for a night out or worn out of the house with Nike’s for a casual travel outfit. Any way that you style these leggings they always look great!

Faux Leather Leggings

Faux leather leggings are something I saw nonstop during the Nordstrom. The pair everyone seems to own from the Nordstrom sale are the faux leather leggings from Spanx.  I don’t own the Spanx pair (yet) but I do own a plethora of faux leather leggings.  The first pair that I purchased back in 2013 is made of a thick cotton material with a faux leather stripe down the side, they are a staple item in my closet! Since purchasing that first pair 5 years ago I have invested in tons of similar pairs and I wear this style ALL THE TIME!

Once you purchase this style of leggings I promise you will love them as much as I do!! PROMISE! To help kickstart your shopping spree I did a bit of intense online shopping and found this amazing style of leggings at all different price points from a variety of retailers. My favorite pair of faux leather leggings that I am wearing all over this blog post are from The Loft. They are listed below at $69.50 but if you use the code FALL they are 50% off making them only $35!!! what a deal!!!

I am obsessed with the style of leggings because they look so cute and fashionable but are also so comfortable. I love to wear them while traveling so I can be super comfortable but also still look like I have my life somewhat together.


What are your favorite fall clothing items? I’m so obsessed with chambray, faux leather, and leopard this season!

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Things Im Obsessing Over This Week: Bell Sleeve Sweaters

Things Im Obsessing Over This Week: Bell Sleeve Sweaters

Happy first week of fall!! With all the fall fashion flooding my Instagram the past few months, it feels like fall has been here for weeks. I love fall fashion trends, if you want to read more about my love for fall fashion I posted about it here and here.  I love fall fashion outfits so much but because of my location get very few opportunities to dress for the occasion.

Last Thursday, my husband said we should go to Denver next weekend and without skipping a beat I said sounds great. He has friends that will be in Denver for a geology conference and my oldest friend that just had a baby lives in Denver. Booking a trip so last minute stresses some people out but its par for the course with the two of us, we love spontaneous adventures.

I have really been looking forward to trips outside of Palm Springs. Don’t get me wrong, I love Palm Springs, but we are almost in October and every day the thermometer still reads 100 degrees. So when I have a trip planned to somewhere with cooler temps I count down the minutes until we hop on that plane.


Last year, when we were living in Birmingham, AL I stocked up on all kinds of fall weather clothes, now looking back it probably wasn’t my smartest choice. I knew I was moving to the desert and yet I couldn’t stop buying new sweaters and boots.  One of the sweaters I purchased in multiple colors is this BP flare sleeve sweater from Nordstrom. At one point they were on sale for $23 so I really took advantage of that.

Side Note: Birmingham, Alabama in the fall is a wonderful place. The weather is PERFECT, the leaves are changing and everyone is in such a good mood because college football is back on.

Yesterday, I posted this picture on Instagram and got SO MANY questions about this sweater. I LOVE this sweater so I was so happy to see that my Instagram friends did as well. But there is one problem when I went to send links for this sweater I couldn’t find it anywhere; it’s sold out everywhere! I scoured the internet for hours looking for this sweater, and nothing.  Believe me, I looked everywhere!

So I did what I know how to do best and I went on a shopping mission. Luckily, I found some super close dupes to this sweater. I hope you love these below-listed bell sleeve sweaters as much as I do.

What is your favorite fall sweater trend? I live for an oversized sweater with fun details like an open back or a flared sleeve. I love to pair sweaters with a high rise jean and my favorite booties.
Happy Fall Y’all.
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