How To Pack A Perfect Carry-On.

A Sturdy Bag

My bag of choice is this awesome, large Kate Spade bag that I have had for almost 8 years it has seen some seen some sticky situations but its nylon so its super easy to clean and is still in perfect condition. Unfortunately, they don’t sell the exact one that I have but this one is the closest to a perfect match.




Healthy snacks

I am obsessed with coconut snacks my usual brand is Dang Toasted Coconut Chips but I was at trader joes so their version will have to do. I also love to take Lara Bars, Dried Fruit, Tuna Packets and Beef Jerky.


You will never catch me without a good chapstick, I have the driest skin and flying always leads to cracked lips for me. I am currently LIVING for the Aveda Lip Saver.

Pro Tip: If you are in a city with an Aveda school in it, their students give amazing facials and the price is right!

Hair Clips

Am I the only one that somehow gets a large knot in my hair if I wear my hair down while traveling? Probably. I love a hair clip while traveling because I can put my hair up wear it like that for 6 hours and then once I land, take it down and it looks like I just styled it.

Phone Charger

What is worse than midway through a 6-hour flight and your phone dies? Absolutely nothing. Don’t forget to keep your phone charger in your carry on because a flight with no entertainment can be a total snooze fest.

A Good Book

I know most people read on their phone or an iPad but there is nothing better than a physical copy of a book. I love to listen to a Disney soundtrack and read a horrifying book, it’s the little things.

I took this picture prior to reading that book, I do not recommend it but I love a thriller. What books should I be reading this summer? I NEED some recommendations.

A Hat

I try to never fly with makeup on and what better way to block an uneven complexion than a hat? Also, this way I can have third-day hair and no one will ever notice. I feel like Aviate Brand hats are the most appropriate to wear on airplanes; you can shop their whole collection here:

Neck Pillow

I’ve talked about this pillow in a previous blog post (how to survive a long haul flight) but good god, this pillow is everything. I’m a plane sleeper, get me on a large aircraft and I’m 100% of the time asleep prior to take off for a solid 30-minute nap.


I always change which headphones make it in my carry on; this time it was in the earbuds, sometimes it’s my sleep headphones, sometimes its a large obnoxious over the ear style but no matter what I ALWAYS have a pair.

Sanitizing Wipes

Let’s get real; airplanes are gross like flying in an infirmary and gym mixed together gross. Most of the time airplanes have an hour turn around time so there is no downtime for cleaning, I like to do whatever I can to ensure that I arrive at my destination healthy and that is sanitizing everything around me before I touch a thing.

Face Oil

I’m obsessed with oil as a moisturiser, it seems to really help my dry itchy skin. depending on the length of the flight I like to throw in a sheet mask as well. My dry skin is so appreciative when I take these measures for healthy glowing skin.

A Large Wallet or Clutch

I like to keep my passport, ID, important documents all in one place that is easily located. There is nothing worse than getting to the front of security and you can’t find your ID anywhere. Also, call me old fashioned but I really really love a hard copy of my boarding pass, am I the only one?


Its just one of those things I never leave home without because no one ever wants dry, ashy skin.

Water Bottle

I love my liquids. Carrying an empty water bottle through airport security is a must. I fill it up at a water fountain once I am past security to help fight the dehydration that planes cause.

Okay, but what am I missing? What are some MUST HAVES that are always in your carry on?



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