Amazon Finds For Social Distancing

Amazon Finds For Social Distancing

A month ago the term social distancing was not even in our vocabulary, today it is our reality. Isn’t it crazy that in one month a term can go from nonexistent to a household phrase? It’s wild! If you’re like most people, you’re realizing that staying inside 24/7 is quite an adjustment and may require a few extra purchases. I’m rounding up all of my must-have Amazon finds for this new normal.

Whether you’re trying (successful or not) to work from home, need ways to entertain yourself, or just want to be extra comfortable, here everything you need for the next few weeks (??) of social distancing.

If you follow me on Instagram you know I live for social interaction. It’s no secret here but I’m an extrovert. I thrive off social situations; I love a Friday night happy hour or a busy coffee shop on a Sunday morning. All that said, Palm Springs is under a mandated shelter in place and I am taking that very seriously. Because I will be stuck inside for the foreseeable future, I turned to my favorite website,, and bought all of the must-haves to make this time a little more enjoyable.

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Every time I share my favorite Amazon finds either on here or on Instagram, its always a crowd favorite. So in this time where we are unable to shop in the traditional matter, the good news is, there is always amazon prime! And if you are still shopping for some cute spring outfits, I’ve linked all of my favorite spring fashion amazon finds here!

Amazon Finds For Social Distancing

I, like many people, find myself making multiple Amazon purchases every month and this month’s purchases are completely centered around, staying in and cuddling my kitties. There are two very important categories to shop for when prepping for social distancing; things that make you comfortable and things that keep you entertained.

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A Good Pair Of Slippers

Air Purifier

Bar Tools

A Great Book And Some Fun Board Games

Light Therapy Lamp

Comfy Pants

Essential Oil Diffuser

At Home Exercise Equipment

Alcohol Wipes

Wifi Extender

A Comfy, Cozy, Oversized Fuzzy Blanket

An Easy Way To Watch ALL THE TV

What are some things you plan on doing while stuck inside? I know at my house we are attempting to clean and organize everything, we are also watching The Wire from beginning to end (HELLO YOUNG MICHAEL B JORDAN). Tell me in the comments what you are doing to pass this time!

Most importantly, I want you to leave with one thing I’m thinking of all of you! I know this transition can be tough and scary but just know we will get through this together! If you want to see some very cute cat videos, my Instagram stories are full of them!

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Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog


Target Haul: Spring Fashion

The days are getting longer and the temperatures are rising, and you know what that means? Time to start putting away the sweaters and start wearing all of the cute skirts and fun dresses. A new season means time for a Target haul! This target haul has all of my favorite styles for Spring, tons of comfy jeans, cute jumpsuits, sassy dresses and of course graphic tees!

I recently asked you guys on Instagram, your favorite retailer to shop. The majority of you told me that your favorite place to shop is Target. I mean what’s not to love; cute and affordable? Yes, please! 

When I walked into the women’s section at Target is was like a gold mine. I found so many cute pieces! I’ve linked everything below with sizing details for easy shopping. FYI – everything is under $40! Your girl loves a deal.

Ways to shop this post: Click on the image OR follow the link under the photo OR use the ‘shop the post’ widget at the bottom of this post.

Excited to share my spring Target haul with you! Target has some of the cutest stuff for spring right now, here are my favorites!

Spring Fashion Haul at Target

Spring Outfit at target, Spring fashion at target, spring jumpsuit, summer jumpsuit, pink jumpsuit

Pink Jumpsuit – Size 6

khaki dress, casual dress, dress for spring, dress for summer

Green Dress – Size Small

casual outfit, target jumpsuit, weekend outfit, brunch outfit

Green Jumpsuit – Size Medium

Spring Outfit at target, Spring fashion at target, spring dress, maternity dress, target dress

Floral Dress – Size Medium

Target Finds: This white dress would be the perfect spring dress, it would make a great easter dress or a casual bridal shower dress and its under $30!!! I love a midi dress and I love the tiers on this dress! I also linked all of my favorite easter dresses under $30! Target Style, Target Outfit, Spring Style, Target Fashion, Spring Outfit at target, Spring fashion at target, target dress, casual dress, dress for spring, spring dress, summer dress

White Dress – Size Medium

Target Finds: This off the shoulder dress is so cute! I think this floral dress would look so cute on all body types! I am wearing a size medium and I love the loose fit. This print is not available online yet but this dress in other prints is, I am linking those mini dresses here. Target Style, Target Outfit, Spring Style, Target Fashion, Spring Outfit at target, Spring fashion at target, casual dress, weekend outfit, brunch outfit, target dress, midi dress, easter dress

Off The Shoulder Dress – Size Medium

Target Finds: This black jumpsuit is under $30. I love it because it would make a great work outfit or you can dress it up for a date night. I am wearing a size small and it fits perfect!   Target Style, Target Outfit, Spring Style, Target Fashion, Spring Outfit at target, Spring fashion at target, work style, business casual, little black dress, going out outfit, wedding guest attire, spring wedding guest, casual jumpsuit

Black Jumpsuit – Size Small

Target Finds: This graphic tee is only $8!! I linked all of my favorite graphic tshirts that are under $10. I love a good band tee. And how cute are these mom jeans?! I loveeee! I love a paper bag waist! And these cute jeans are not available online so I linked the short version of these jeans. I am wearing a size 6 in the jeans and a medium in the shirt. Target Style, Target Outfit, Spring Style, Target Fashion, Spring Outfit at target, Spring fashion at target, skinny jeans, casual outfit, jean outfit, shirts from target, target jeans, target shirts, jeans from targer, high waisted jeans

Graphic Tee – Size Medium
Jeans Unavailable Online
Linked all of my favorite $8 Target graphic tees here.

Target Finds: This leopard print tank top is on sale and it under $15! This cute animal print top can be dressed up or down! Paired it with the cutest green shorts. These shorts are so fun, make me want to go on safari. Wearing a size medium in the shirt and shorts! Target Style, Target Outfit, Spring Style, Target Fashion, Spring Outfit at target, Spring fashion at target, casual outfit, spring outfit, short outfit, summer outfit, pull on shorts

Leopard Print Top – Size Medium
Green Shorts – Size Medium

Target Finds: This leopard print tank top again! This cute animal print top can be dressed up or down! Paired it with the most comfortable black shorts. I love these tie shorts. This outfit would be so cute paired with heels for a casual date night. Wearing a size medium in the shirt and shorts! Target Style, Target Outfit, Spring Style, Target Fashion, Spring Outfit at target, Spring fashion at target, casual outfit, spring outfit, short outfit, summer outfit, womens tie waist shorts, target top, target shorts

Leopard Print Top – Size Medium
Black Shorts – Size Medium

Target Finds: Obsessed with this girly off the shoulder top! This Shirt is under $20 and these high rise jeans are under $25. My favorite new jeans!  Target Style, Target Outfit, Spring Style, Target Fashion, Spring Outfit at target, Spring fashion at target, casual outfit, mom jeans, high waisted jeans, ripped jeans, weekend outfit, brunch outfit, casual style, jean outfit, target shirt, target jeans

Orange Top – Size Medium
Mom Jeans – Size 4 (They run very large)

Target Style, Target Outfit, Spring Style, Target Fashion, Spring Outfit at target, Spring fashion at target, casual outfit, mom jeans, high waisted jeans, ripped jeans, weekend outfit, brunch outfit, casual style, jean outfit, target shirt, target jeans

Black Top – Size Medium


If you would like to see more of my recent try on’s,
I save all of my try on’s here!

Let’s Be Besties!

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Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog

My Favorite Podcasts: True Crime Edition

My Favorite Podcasts: True Crime Edition

There is a short list of things that I really love to talk about; affordable fashion, my cats, reality TV, traveling abroad and my favorite podcasts. I am constantly sharing on Instagram which podcasts I am listening to but I thought it was time that I dedicate a series of blog posts to one of my favorite subjects, podcasts!

I love all kinds of podcasts; pop culture, news, politics, business, basically any category you could name, I love it. There is one category of podcasts that I am especially drawn to and that is all things true crime. OOOhhhweeeeeee, I LOVE a true crime podcast! I am always listening to podcasts, when I am driving, working, working out, curling my hair, cooking dinner, ALWAYS!

My love for true crime podcasts started with the rest of the world when season 1 of Serial premiered in 2014. I was working in Santa Monica at the time and I would spend my entire lunch walking around Clover Park so I could listen to every last detail of every episode. I was so obsessed with  Serial that I would listen multiple times a week and it would never get old to me, I would eat every last detail up.

I love every true crime podcast, I go hard for My Favorite Murder because DUH!! but y’all already know everything about Karen and Georgia. So today, I am sharing my favorite true crime podcasts that have premiered in the last 12 months. Let me tell you, there have been some of the best-produced podcasts this past year. 

The Best True Crime Podcasts

Steve McNair: Fall Of A Titan

Before listening to this podcast I had NO idea who Steve McNair was (he played in the NFL) and yet I was immediately drawn to this case. This series reinvestigates the murder of Steve McNair and puts crucial details in a brand new light.

Gladiator: Aaron Hernandez & Football Inc

The Aaron Hernandez case was always so sad and fascinating to me, from the outside it appeared he it all. A further investigation into his upbringing and football career exposes a dark past.

Bear Brook

This podcast investigates all of the scary and awful details of a New Hampshire murder. This case changed the way murders will be investigated forever (think Golden State Killer).

Over My Dead Body

A podcast investigating a VERY Florida case, a messy divorce ends in murder, but what really happened? Please be warned that there is no true conclusion to this case!

The Dropout

This is the only non – murder podcast that made the list but it is still a true crime must listen! If you don’t know who Elizabeth Holmes is, google fast! The Dropout covers the rise and fall of Elizabeth’s company, Theranos. This podcast was a perfect listen for my husband and I because it was just enough drama for me and no one was murdered, which is important for him.

Broken Harts

This story and investigation left me completely SHOOK. An investigation into the death of two women and their 6 adopted children. This podcast really helped remind me that social media is JUST a highlight reel!

Case Closed

A deep dive into the disappearance of 19 year old Erin Corwin; this podcast has it all young love, an affair, a murder, and an arrest! If you love stories with an actual resolution, than this is for you!


This investigative podcast exposes new details of one of the most shocking crimes in the sports world. This is the perfect podcast for the sports lover that wants to listen to a true crime podcast.

Next up on my favorite podcast blog series is: all things pop culture. Until then, what are you listening to? Whats your favorite podcast out right now?

Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog
Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog

Blogging Basics: SEO For New Bloggers

Blogging Basics: SEO For New Bloggers

I recently asked on Instagram stories what blogging specific post my audience wanted to see, to my delight the response to my poll was SEO for New Bloggers. So here I am today sharing all of my SEO tips and tricks for beginners. Don’t get me wrong I am absolutely new to the blogging world so this post is just me sharing what I have learned along the way/ what hours of reading & research have taught me.

As a new blogger, I am sure you hear about SEO all the time but what is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization and refers to the practice of increasing the amount of traffic to your site by improving organic search results.

The goal of implementing an SEO strategy on your site is to improve your ranking on search engines. The search engines I get most of my blog views from are google and bing, this past month, over 50% of my blog views came directly from Google.

If you google, Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Dupe, my blog post is the second result that comes up. While this might seem like a very specific thing to search, I get 1000 blog views to this post from Google a month! I’ve only been blogging a few months so 1000 views to a blog post a month from Google is a complete success to me!

SEO Success

SEO for New Bloggers: Increase your Blog Views

When first implementing an SEO strategy one of the most important aspects is Keywords. Keywords are at the core of SEO. A keyword is a word or phrase in your web content that makes it possible for people to find your site via search engines. The goal of SEO is to rank in the top search engine results pages for your chosen keywords.

Keywords For SEO

Finding Successful Keywords

Your SEO strategy should start with identifying successful keywords. These should be words and phrases related to your blog post topic that people are regularly searching for.

Lets’ go through my strategy when it comes to keywords. I start by writing down the most generic topic for the blog post I am working on. Say it is March and I am working on a blog post about dresses, the keywords I would start with would be “Spring Fashion”. That would be the overarching keywords then I would break it down to more specific phrases that further describe my blog post such as Spring Dresses, Spring Fashion For Women, Spring Fashion For Work, Spring Outfits, etc.

Now that I have my list of generic keywords all written down, I am going to take this list and start plugging it in to search engines as well as Pinterest. I am going to write down the top results from that search on my keyword sheet. This tactic should leave you with roughly 25 – 30 keywords and phrases. Later in this post, I am going to refer to this as my list of researched keywords and phrases.

Using keywords

Now that you have the keywords, there are some general guidelines on where to place the keywords. The most important places to place keywords are in the subject, the first paragraph, the several headings throughout your blog post, the ALT – Text ( I’ll talk more about this in a bit) and the closing paragraph.

One last thing about keywords, do not overstuff your content. Search engines are VERY smart and overusing keywords throughout your post does not work. Use your keywords naturally because a blog post overstuffed with keywords can get penalized.

Now that keywords are out of the way, lets talk about all the other basic guidelines that will increase your search engine ranking.

Write An Actual Blog Post!

Here’s my rant of the day – one of my biggest pet peeves is when I see someone has a new blog post and then I click to read their post and the post is a few words and a few pictures! If you have a committed Instagram following that clicks on everything you post then maybe a short post is okay but if you are looking to diversify your audience and increase your SEO, then that is absolutely NOT OKAY! Your blog post must be at least 300 words! At least! To increase your SEO you need more text, in the way of SEO, more text better SEO.

In addition to the length of the post, regularly posting new content is very important. If you want to take your blog seriously than you should be consistently writing new blog posts. Search engines love websites that add fresh content. To increase traffic to your blog, you should be writing at least one blog post a week.

Research Trending Topics

If the subject matter of your blog post is not regularly being searched for, then the chances of the blog post being seen on search engines is slim. I rely heavily on social sites (Pinterest & Instagram) to keep a pulse on which topics are trending and what topics will attract my intended audience.

Add SEO Plugins

There are tons of SEO resources out there, use them! I use WordPress as my hosting site and have installed Yoast to help with all things SEO. Yoast is a great resource that provides tons of recommendations that help increase my search engine ranking.

Provide ALT – Text For All Of Your Images

ALT text is a readable description of the images on your blog. When it comes to ALT-text, what I like to do is take a keyword from my researched list and use that as the ALT- text. Like I’ve stated before, I use WordPress for my blog and they make it very easy to change the ALT -text on my images.

Beyond ALT- Text, make sure that all file names are also SEO friendly. Change your generic file names (such as IMG22545.jpg) to a keyword from your researched list or a short text describing what it is. If your keyword is a phrase, use hyphens to separate the words (hyphens are read as spaces on search engines).

This is the very simple, basic elementary introduction to SEO. Take these tips and implement them into your next blog post and let me know the results, I would love to see/ hear your results!

I am working on a bit more advanced level SEO post and can’t wait to share that because I have a lot to say about long tail keywords and audience behavior.

Blogging and techniques that increase my blog views is something I am very passionate about so if you are ever looking for someone to chat all things blogging, I would love to be your girl.

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Amazon Fashion Haul: Last Minute Holiday Outfits

Amazon Fashion Haul: Last Minute Holiday Outfits
Casual Winter Outfits

Sweater Dress | Boots

Earlier this year, I started doing a monthly Amazon fashion haul and it has been such a hit! I search Amazon up and down and purchase about 10 pieces of the best quality, affordable pieces from Amazon. Well,  my December Amazon haul might have been my favorite haul thus far. This order has brought my favorite new winter fashion staples.

Can searching for fashion on Amazon be a chore? Yes, you must search and search some more but Amazon has some really cute items! I am able to find the exact pieces all the popular online boutiques have but on Amazon. The best part is, these pieces are much more affordable on Amazon.

The theme of the December Amazon haul is “cute outfits for a fun night out with your friends from high school”. Who doesn’t want to look their best when they run into the cute boy you sat behind in geometry?  During the holiday season, there are always so many casual meet-ups and a new, cute outfit is exactly what is needed for those nights out.

Holiday Outfits

Sequin Mules | Faux Leather Skirt | Star Sweater

Last week, I did an Instagram try on session of this December haul and that  is saved under my highlights on Instagram.

Okay, lets get to the fun winter fashion.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!