Instagram Growth: The Tips You Need To Know

Instagram Growth: The Tips You Need To Know

How did you grow your following? Hands down the number one DM in my inbox every day. I grew my Instagram from 0 – 30K in less than 18 months, and want to help you do the same. It’s time to share all of my tips and tricks for Instagram growth so you can also grow an engaged, authentic, Instagram audience.

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Instagram is a whole lot of trial and error and even more hard work. Think of me as your own personal Instagram guinea pig. Have I tried ALL of the tips I have read about on Pinterest, YES, have I seen dramatic growth from any of those generic tips, NOPE!!! You know what tips I am talking about the ones that tell you that all you need for Instagram growth is beautiful pictures, a cohesive feed and consistent posts. Well, those tips don’t work anymore.

Just a few years ago, when Instagram was still in chronological order, those generic Instagram growth tips worked. All you needed to organically grow your Instagram following was some random hashtags and a few pretty pictures. Then BOOM you had 100,000 followers! Well, it’s a whole new world out there. This Instagram growth blog post is all about the tips and tricks that work for Instagram growth in 2020.

blogging for beginners

Instagram Growth Monster

It’s important that we first discuss one very important factor with Instagram growth, THE INSTAGRAM ALGORITHM. Oh, what a monster the algorithm is. While no one can crack the Instagram Algorithm, there are things you can proactively do to counteract its effects. Not only will these tips that I am about to share with you help you grow your Instagram account they will also help you beat the Instagram algorithm.

I am not here to reiterate all the things you guys have read while trying to grow your Instagram. Instead, I am going to give you some quick and easy tips and tricks that have proven they work. Okay, now let’s get into the nitty-gritty and talk about the must-haves for Instagram growth.

Instagram Growth Tips

Get Social!

Instagram is a social network, after all, don’t be shy. We have become a culture so obsessed with visiting the Instagram worthy hotels and taking the cutest pictures that we are forgetting a very important detail about social media. The part where we get social!

If you are confused about how to develop relationships on Instagram; here are some quick tips. Follow people in a similar niche as you with similar follower counts, comment on pictures you think are cute, DM someone if you relate to their Instagram story. Use Instagram for its original purpose to network and build personal relationships.

Instagram is paying far more attention to the relationships between accounts and by engaging within your community you’ll nurture those bonds & your engagement will, as a result, also increase. This will then increase your reach and visibility across the platform.

Quick Tip: Every morning wake up and pick a hashtag that has under 1 million uses and comment on the top 10 pictures. It takes under 5 minutes and is a great way to get your account in front of new Instagram users every day. 


I try to use 15-20 hashtags per image that I post! I used to use all 30 hashtags but I find that between 15 – 20 hashtags seem to be the magic number! Hashtags really help to increase your Instagram engagement, gain new followers and helps your images get seen by a larger audience!

QUICK TIP: Don’t copy and paste your hashtags, I know that sounds so weird but for some reason Instagram is more generous to users who physically type out the hashtag in the caption.

Choose The Right Hashtag

Here is where hashtags get a bit tricky. I try to make sure the hashtag I am using has no more than 600k uses, because if it has over a million uses, it means the hashtag is EXTREMELY active, making it almost impossible to be displayed on the “top” or even “recent” section.

For instance: my Instagram posts are mainly about fashion and style so one might think to use the hashtag #styleblogger which has 34M uses (BAD, TOO POPULAR). Instead, I would use a geo-specific hashtag like #californiastyle which only has 345K uses. Using the smaller hashtag gives my Instagram posts the ability to be seen.

Tips for Style bloggers

On the flip side, if the hashtag has less than 10k uses the hashtag isn’t popular at all and will decrease the chances of your photo being seen. More importantly, you will not grow your audience from that hashtag! As a rule of thumb, I generally like to use hashtags with 100k uses.

MAGIC NUMBER: Use a hashtag with 100K to 600K uses.

Do your hashtag research: Research hashtags using the search bar on Instagram to see which hashtags are popular, without being too popular. This will also show you other related hashtags that you can use! There are tons of tools out there for hashtag suggestions, my personal favorite is tailwind.

Always Have An Instagram Story Up

Make sure there is always an active story on your account, even if it is just one story! Ensure that your Instagram stories are always active. Quick and easy Instagram story ideas: show your view of the day (even if it is your cubicle), or your lunch, or even your cat.

I am all about Instagram stories, it’s a fun way to get a behind the scenes of my everyday life. It’s a great tool to connect with your audience. I get a ton of DM’s from my stories and those messages are a super fun way to get social!

Instagram stories really extends your personality to your followers! The more authentic and relatable you are, the more likely people will connect and follow you. Be sure to tag brands, geotag, and use hashtags to gain more story viewers. One time I did a rant about an idea I had for The Bachelor and I gained an additional 600 viewers from using the #bachelornation hashtag on my story!


Everyone has different opinions when it comes to giveaways. In my opinion, its a great way to introduce yourself and your account to new accounts. Giveaways are not a must but help. I did not participate in my first giveaway until I hit 7K! Today, I participate in about 2 giveaways a month. I do recommend doing giveaways too ofter because it becomes VERY inauthentic. 

In the spirit of transparency, the giveaways that I have done have gotten me on average 200 – 300 new followers (that stick around). Fun fact: my most popular picture ever was a giveaway I did for a weekend in Waco to visit Magnolia Market, this image was viewed by 178,000 Instagram users!!!! Thank god for hashtags.

Personal Account

Okay, let’s talk about the one tip that is never talked about. I believe this one thing was the reason I was able to hit 10K in under 8 months!

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE 10K FOLLOWERS, DO NOT MAKE YOUR ACCOUNT A BUSINESS ACCOUNT. If all caps look like I am yelling, I am. Keep your account as a personal account until you hit 10K. This tip is so important and no one EVER talks about it.

I realize there are some benefits of having a business page, like the insights that Instagram provides. But in my opinion, the negatives outweigh the positives. Instagram treats personal accounts very differently than business accounts.

Instagram for bloggers

Quick story: the above picture is one of my most liked pictures on Instagram. More than 10% of my followers engaged with this picture. WHOA, I wish I still have that level of engagement! That amazing engagement is 100% thanks to the fact that I had a personal account at the time. And the truth is,
I don’t really like the picture

When your account is set as a personal account, Instagram is so much nicer, Instagram treats you like a friend. They show your photos to more of your followers, your images show up more often under hashtags, Instagram is more likely to suggest your account to other Instagram users, all in all, Instagram is nicer to personal accounts. When I still had a personal account, I grew my Instagram following from 5300 – 10K in 2 MONTHS! I doubled my following in 2 months, gosh I wish it was still that easy.

You are probably asking yourself, well why does Instagram do that? Well, Instagram is a for-profit business after all. When you have a business account, Instagram wants you to pay for use of their site AKA sponsor posts. Instagram believes that it should be a mutually beneficial relationship for both businesses involved.

Don’t Fall Victim To False Engagement!

STORYTIME: When I hit 10K on Instagram I immediately switched from my sweet personal account to a business account (HEY SWIPE UP FEATURE!!!). When I made that switch something horrible happened, my engagement tanked, like TANKED. UGH, INSTAGRAM IS SO RUDE TO BUSINESS ACCOUNTS. I was putting the same effort into Instagram but my engagement went from 8 – 9 % to 5 – 6%, I was SO bummed. So I did what most bloggers do and I joined an engagement pod. After I joined the engagement pod, did my likes go up? Yes, but Instagram hates this fake engagement and punishes your account for it. They punished me by not allowing my photos to show up under as many hashtags and what did that do? It halted all organic Instagram growth.

I have since left my tailwind engagement pod and let me tell you something, it feels great! The engagement pods didn’t feel great because it was inauthentic. I was in these groups with other bloggers and none of us followed one another, it felt weird. FAKE FAKE FAKE. My goal with Instagram is to be my true authentic self and involving myself in these pods was not staying true to that. Authenticity is KEY in 2020!

tips for instagram

Full Transparency: I am still involved in one very small blogger group (under 10 girls) on Instagram. Its a very authentic group of women who talk about all things blogging, Instagram and yes we like / comment on one another’s photos. The best part about this group is I followed all of these ladies before I joined the group, and the relationships feel very authentic. 

Fake engagement, Don’t Do It.

Now, let’s talk about something even more frowned upon than engagement pods, fake like bots. Good god almighty, DON’T DO IT. Did you know in 2020 there are still ways that you can purchase likes, WILD!!! At the end of the day, if you are purchasing likes the only person you are at a disservice to is yourself. Fake likes do not help you show up on the explore page or under hashtags so if you are buying your likes you are just hurting yourself.

Telltale signs of fake engagement – If you follow someone who has an insane amount of likes but not one comment, then I have a secret for you, those likes are fake!

Let’s Do This!

Instagram story ideas

In the beginning, growing your account seems daunting. Shoot, it is daunting. When I started Hatonthemap on July 1st, 2018 I had 0 followers, well maybe 1 my husband, but that is it! I started from absolute scratch (queue Drake’s started from the bottom). While the growth at the beginning was at a snail’s pace, I kept at it. My biggest advice when you have under 5K followers is: don’t give up! There were countless times I wanted to give up. I would compare myself to others and get so down about it. After all, comparison is the thief of all joy. Luckily, I was able to look at the bigger picture and I am so pleased that I stuck with it.

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Instagram tips

As I recently mentioned, one of my 2020 goals is to hit 75K on Instagram this year, that number might seem like a lofty goal but shoot am I going to try and make it. I am going to continue and implement these very simple tips but you can also help me get there. How you ask? Follow me on Instagram, tell your best friend, tell your boyfriend, tell your mom, tell the lady next to you at the hair salon. I appreciate all of you the most!

I really do hope you have found this post on Instagram growth useful. 

Did any of these tips surprise you? COMMENT DOWN BELOW! 

Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog
Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog

5 Blogging Goals For 2020

5 Blogging Goals For 2020

2020 is my year of YES. This year, in addition to setting blogging goals for the new year, I am also establishing a word that will define this year and the word I have chosen is Yes. Yes to everything! Yes to new adventures and stepping outside of my comfort zone, yes to dreams and goals that scare me a bit: yes, yes, yes! And yes to being as transparent as possible in 2020, starting the year by sharing my 2020 blogging goals.

To say I am a bit self-conscious to share these blogging goals is an understatement. Putting these goals out there in such a public way makes me feel VERY vulnerable and honestly pretty uncomfortable. But that is what 2020 is about, saying yes to the uncomfortable. By putting my 2020 blogging goals in such a public forum that is my attempt to hold myself accountable in the most public way possible. I am a true believer that if your goals do not scare you then you need to reach a bit more and let me tell you these goals scare me! Specifically, the goals where I have stated a hard figure (I’m talking about you goals 1 & 5).

2020 Blogging Goals

Hit 75,000 Followers on Instagram

Okay, let’s be honest this is a lofty goal. To achieve this goal, I need to increase my current Instagram following by 150%. Scary, yes! I started 2019 with under 3000 followers on Instagram. I hit some major milestones in 2019 like 10K, 20K and 30K on Instagram. With some hard work and new partnerships in 2020, I hope to see 75K on Instagram.

I feel VERY awkward sharing this goal because I have an amazing, engaged audience on Instagram and don’t want to treat that audience as “just a number”. But in the spirit of being transparent here, sharing this major goal makes me feel VERY awkward.

fashion bloggers on instagram

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Publish at least one, ideally two blog posts a week

In 2020, I want to make my blog a priority. Instagram could disappear tomorrow but my blog I have complete control over, and I want to take better advantage of that in 2020. This year, expect to see more of my favorite finds, amazon must-haves, drugstore dupes, recipes, travel guides and real-life on my blog.

Partner with an international tourism board

I LOVE to travel, like a lot! I love long flights and exploring new places off the beaten path. And I especially love international travel, I love eating new cuisines and learning about cultures different than mine. So partnering with an international tourism board and taking you all along for the ride would be an absolute DREAM. American’s have a lot of preconceived notions about other countries and I want to show my audience that it’s okay to step a bit out of your comfort zone when planning an international vacation.

Storytime: One of my favorite places I have ever visited was Medellin, Colombia. Seriously, it was a dream! Colombia is gorgeous, Medellin is amazing, I can’t tell you how much I loved this trip, everything was perfect. But when I tell people about my experience I always get the same reaction, “But Colombia isn’t safe”. And that right there is the reason I am so passionate about partnering with an International tourism board! I want to help abolish those reactions to such wonderful and beautiful places in this world and show my audience that the most amazing places are outside the walls of the all-inclusive resort.


My dream tourism board to partner with would be a place warm and beautiful like the South Pacific or South America or anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere. #GOALS!

Collaborate with an outdoor brand to curate or create a hiking collection

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I am obsessed with hiking, every weekend my husband and I go hiking. Long or short, desert or mountains; I love it all. Anything outdoors, sign me up. What I don’t love is the unflattering and expensive apparel associated with hiking, the unflattering pants the comfortable but ugly boots.

For my recent birthday, my husband and I went to my favorite place in the world, Yosemite. We hiked all day and enjoyed wine at night, it was PERFECT. It was on that trip that I had this idea for hiking apparel that is also cute. Something that a woman can feel comfortable and confident in without breaking the bank. I would love to partner with an outdoors company to curate a line of hiking apparel for women like me. Women who love to hike but also want to look a little bit cute. This is probably the hardest goal to achieve but one can dream, right?

5K followers on the app

Ohhh I can’t believe I am sharing this goal! If you are unfamiliar with, it is an influencer shopping app that gives its users access to all the products that bloggers like myself are posting about. If you don’t already have the app, it’s free to download and will completely change the way that you shop!

For instance: if you want to shop my favorite Amazon one-piece swimsuits, click on the below image and it will take you directly to a shoppable image.

Swimsuits from amazon

I applied for in early 2019, so I spent the first part of the year with 0 followers on the app. Around July, I decided that I would like to grow my audience on the app and have dedicated a bit of time doing that. And one of my 2020 goals is to really grow that audience like 5X.

If you don’t already, I would love for you to follow me on the app. The app is free and such a fun way to shop for all of my favorite things. It’s easy, download the app, search for me (HATONTHEMAP) in the influencer search tab and start shopping! I share tons of sales and amazing amazon finds.

I’m coming for you 2020!

Blogging Goals

Okay, now that I have gotten all of these goals out I need to get to work on these ambitious goals! I wish I could tell you which of these 2020 goals scared me the most but they are all pretty scary to me.

The book, ‘The Secret’ tells its readers to, Ask, Believe and Receive. So here I am putting all of my goals and dreams out into the universe and I am going to continue to believe and hopefully will be rewarded and receive.

Tell me – what are your goals for 2020? How do you keep track of those goals? I would love to hear your goals and what you are doing to achieve them!

If one of your 2020 goals is starting a blog, I have some great resources for you:

Let’s Be Besties!

Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog
Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog

The Best Free Resources For New Bloggers

The Best Free Resources For New Bloggers

So your blog is up and running, now WHAT?! That’s what I asked myself a year ago after I published my first blog post. I had so many great blog ideas but I had no idea how to make my blog posts look professional and get the views that I wanted. When I started my blog the number one priority for me was a positive ROI. I knew I needed some tools to run my blog but I also knew these tools had to be very cheap and or free! I researched, and I tested and I tried A TON of free and very cheap tools and finally found the tools that I couldn’t live without. This roundup of the best free resources for new bloggers is the top 5 tools that I absolutely can’t live without!

I recently had a phone call with a college friend of mine who was interested in starting a blog and wanted to know all the ins and outs of blogging. We chatted for an hour and a half about what tools I use, how I make an income, the time investment, ALL OF THE THINGS. I got off that call and knew exactly what my next blog post had to be. I took my notes from that phone call and immediately began this blog post.

Sharing blogging tips and resources is a passion of mine. This list of tools will help every new blogger successfully operate their blog, on the cheap!

Free Resources For New Bloggers

Graphic Editing

Professional and aesthetically pleasing graphics are a must for all blogs! Most of my blog marketing happens on Pinterest, and Pinterest users go wild over a beautiful graphic. I can write the most informative, in-depth blog post but if it does not have a beautiful graphic it will not perform well on Pinterest.

My favorite free graphic editing programs are Canva and Fotojet. These sites are so easy to use and I can make beautiful graphics in a matter of minutes. I created my media kit on Canva and it was so easy! Every time I need to update my media kit, I am able to update, download and send out all in minutes. My media kit looks so professional and it was all free to make!

Did you notice that graphic at the top of the blog post? I made that graphic on Canva in under 3 minutes! Seriously! I used one of their pre-existing templates and edited to make it fit the theme and colors of my blog and tada, I have a blog & Pinterest graphic! Canva is a must-use tool! The graphics below are all made on Canva or Fotojet, these tools are the real deal!

My entire professional career I have worked closely with graphic designers so I always had access to beautiful graphics. When it comes to my blog, I am the graphic designer. Instead of spending tons of money on Adobe Illustrator or InDesign, I just hop on over to Canva or Fotojet and prepare professional-looking blog graphics in minutes!

Scheduling Tools

There is a myriad of scheduling tools out there. Scheduling tools are platform dependent but a few examples are HootSuite, Buffer, CoSchedule, I mean the list goes on and on. I religiously use Tailwind, and I am obsessed!

Once a week, I sit down and schedule 50 Pins on Tailwind and repin 100 Tailwind tribe member pins. I have over 550K views on Pinterest using that simple technique. This might sound like a huge task but I dedicate less than 2 hours a week to Pinterest and 50% of my blog views come from the site! You can read more about how I use Pinterest and how much I love Pinterest here.

Tools for new bloggers
Pinterest Tools

So technically Tailwind is not free BUT I have a code for you to get one free month. I promise that once you take advantage of that free month you will pay the $9 a month to continue using this service, it’s that crucial to your blog!


SEO, every new blogger’s nemesis. When it comes to SEO, you can read 25 books about search engine optimization or you can install Yoast. My blog traffic has increased by 100% by installing Yoast and optimizing all blog posts, including all old blog posts. If you are like me and host your blog on WordPress, Yoast is a free plugin.

As you can see by this screenshot, Yoast provides tips and tricks to improve your blog post to increase your search engine ranking. By the way, this screenshot is the actual Yoast SEO analysis from this blog post.

SEO for bloggers
SEO tools

Another great free SEO tool is CoSchedule. CoSchedule helps you develop a very strong headline for your blog post. CoSchedule is a great tool if you need help developing headlines that will drive traffic to your blog.

I broke down SEO for beginners here, its a must read for all new bloggers!


I wish I had an entire team here to help write and edit my blog but that’s not my reality! My sweet husband helps edit sometimes but he is an engineer and his English skills are well that of an engineer. My background is in B2B marketing and Grammarly has been a go-to tool of mine for ages. It is a great resource in my professional career and a wonderful help to my blog. My background is in B2B marketing so Grammarly has been a go-to tool of mine for ages.

Before I publish anything I make sure my posts are error free by running it through Grammarly. Recently, I was reading a blog from a very popular blogger (she has a half a million Instagram followers!!) and in the very first line of the blog post there was a major error. I immediately thought, man she should have ran this blog post through Grammarly. If you are writing and editing all of your blog posts, install Grammarly now, the perfect extra set of eyes!

Affiliate Programs

There are affiliate programs for all types of bloggers, most of my posts are fashion and beauty related so I joined a program that best caters to that. I am a member of RewardStyle, best known by its customer-facing app,, and I love it! The ease of use, the community, the tools they provide; all of it, I love! Below is an example of a post

Fashion Blogger
Affiliate Programs for New Bloggers

For new bloggers; ShareASale is a great affiliate program and perfect for new bloggers. Amazon Associates and ShopStyle are also great affiliate programs for new bloggers.

In my experience, Affiliate programs are the quickest and easiest ways to monetize your blog. Days after joining RewardStyle, I began to see financial results. I was shocked at the turnaround time but also VERY pleased!

What are a few must use tools for your blog? Tell me in the comments, I would love to add a few more tools to my arsenal.

Next Up: Instagram for New Bloggers

My next blog post in this blogging series is going to be about everyones favorite social media site, Instagram. I have two different ideas for that blog post, and I need your help deciding! Would you rather see the tools I use for Instagram or how I hit 20K in less than a year? Let me know!

Let’s Be Besties!


Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog
Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog

35 Perfect Instagram Captions For Summer

35 Perfect Instagram Captions For Summer

I have a question, do you also suffer from ” I can’t think of a good Instagram caption” as I do? Let me set the scene of the scenario that happens far too often to me. I have this super cute new Instagram picture all edited and ready to be posted on the gram but all of a sudden my brain stops working. No matter how hard I try I can’t think of one possible caption. WHAT. A. BUMMER. I am NEVER, EVER at a loss for words but some reason when it comes to Instagram captions my brain goes blank. The worst part is this situation happens to me far more often than I would like to admit.

Fashion Blogger

I am going to let you in on one of my biggest Instagram time-saving secrets. Right now, in the notes section of my phone, I have about 40 Instagram captions ready to be used. Anytime I see or think of a caption I write it down in my notes, that way when I am so frustrated and at a loss, for words, I open up that list and boom. Saves me ALL THE TIME!

Tips for Instagram

I love an Instagram caption that is fun, witty and lighthearted because at the end of the day we could all use a little smile or a laugh. If you are ever at a loss for words or can’t think of something quick and witty, I GOT YOU! I have rounded up my favorite Summer inspired Instagram captions for those days where you need just a little caption inspiration.

Instagram Captions For Summer

Happier than a seagull with a french fry

Keep palm and carry on

Is it possible to smile too big!?

This seniorita needs a maragaita

Vacation calories don’t count

Sunsets, palm trees and another margarita please?!

If it requires a swimsuit, my answer is yes

Why be moody, when you can shake your sandy booty

Tropic like it’s hot

Stay wavy baby

Side note: I hope you love these graphics. If you are ever at work and need some summer inspiration add these graphics to your insta story for all the summer vibes.

Don’t worry, beach happy

Time to Seas the day

I enjoy long walks down the beach wine aisle

I find my happiness where the sun shines

Summer should get a speeding ticket

Girls just want to have sun

I was made for sunny days

Live a bikini kinda life

Find me under the palms

I dream of summers that last forever

Instagram ideas

Life is better in a bikini

Happiness is a summer afternoon

I need vitamin sea

Summertime and the livin’ is easy

“Cause I got that sunshine in my pocket, Got that good song in my feet”

I followed my heart and it led me to the beach

Summer Captions for instagram

Tan skin, crazy days, late nights

Friends are the sunshine of life

Tropical state of mind

Life happens, iced coffee helps

These are the days we live for

If there is a will, there is a wave

Son of a beach

High tides and good times

Find me under the palms

If you want to see which of these captions I have used, let’s be friends on Instagram. If you use any of these captions, tag me @hatonthemap, I would love to see your cute self!

Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog
Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog

10 New Blogger Tips That I Wish I Knew

10 New Blogger Tips That I Wish I Knew

In honor of my 100th blog post (WHAT!?!?!) I thought it was time I shared some things that I learned from my blogging journey. There is a ton of new blogger tips that I wish I knew before I pushed publish on my first blog post, it felt like it was time I share those tips with you. If you are new to blogging, learn from my missteps.

My first few months of blogging I was so concerned with pushing out content that I didn’t focus on what made a blog successful and ultimately profitable. In 2019, I have really put my focus and energy on my blog and Instagram and I have really reaped the benefits.

In this blog post, I will discuss all the new blogger tips that helped me get to the place my blog is today as well as simple advice that I learned in my blogging journey. Let me preface this blog by saying, I have been blogging for under a year so I am in no way, shape or form a blogging expert.

Let’s Get To This List Of New Blogger Tips

Post Quality Content.

Quality content is king. Your aim with every blog post should be to answer a question or solve a problem. If a reader lands on your blog and does not feel like they received beneficial information, they probably won’t be back. You will have the most success converting blog readers into email subscribers if they feel like they left with a solution to their problem. Even if their problem is what to wear on vacation.

Okay, but how long is a quality blog post? Long form content always performs best for me. Most of my blog posts are between 500 – 1000 words, I would never EVER post a blog under 300 words. More words = more opportunity for SEO.

Remember: You own your blog!

Instagram is a must for all bloggers but at the end of the day once you place that content on Instagram, you no longer own that content. But you know what you do own? your blog. I can’t stress this enough. Instagram could just dissapear one day and all of your hard work would go with it. So while quality content on Instagram is important, your top priority should be quality blog content.

Be You!

In order for your audience to connect with your blog they need to see and hear you! Let your inner self shine through your Blog.

Use tons of pictures of yourself, tell anecdotes, write in your voice and always stay true to yourself. If your audience feels like they are connecting with the person behind the keyboard they will keep on reading.

Don’t Play the comparison game

Honestly, this tip is as much for me as it is for you! Because let me tell you I STRUGGLE with comparison. It’s so easy to see someone else’s success and forget about their months and years of hard work to get there.

One of the things I constantly tell myself is “Do not compare your beginning to someone else’s middle”. I have to remind myself of this EVERY DAMN DAY.

REMEMBER : Everyone starts by taking the first step.

Know Your Audience

If you aren’t writing with your target audience in mind, than whatcha doing?! Before you publish your first blog post ask yourself, who is this for? You will have a much easier time defining your content when you understand your audiences wants and needs.

Believe In Yourself

Oh gosh is this important.

When I started this Blog, I told myself everyday, “I am going to make this work, no matter what”

I didn’t back down.

Yes, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. Those first few months I was working crazy hours on my blog and didn’t see one penny come in. But I kept telling myself, this is going to work. A little mixture of positivity and a whole lot of hard work got me to where my blog is today.

Pay For A Good Hosting Site

Invest in a quality hosting site, it will pay off, I promise.

When I was designing my blog I wanted a hosting site that was simple to use for myself and my audience and I found the best results with WordPress. I have been very happy with my WordPress experience and absolutely recommend it.

Pay for your site, if I see a site that is something like “” there is no way in hell I am clicking on that. Invest in a decent host.

Be Consistent

Some weeks it feels next to impossible to publish a new blog post but its a must. If you want to seriously be a blogger, blog. Set a schedule and stick to it. Doing this will give your audience something to look forward to on a weekly basic. Also, consisently blogging really helps your SEO. By proving that you’re consistent and provide high value information, Search Engines’ Algorithms will automatically rank your posts higher.

Be Patient

Ugh. patience is the worst. Am I right?! sometimes I feel like Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka chocolate factory, you know the one screaming how she wants it now!?

I mean, all I want is 100k Instagram followers and 100k email subscribers, is that too much to ask?!

Its can be frustrating to be patient in a world of instant gratification, but its a necessity in this blogging world. Success takes time. No one is an overnight success.

In my very short blogging career, I have seen so many people blog for a month, not receive the traction they hoped for and immediately give up, don’t do it. With hard work, patience and perseverance, it will all work out.

Will there be naysayers and negative noise? absolutely! but keep trekking on, it will pay off.

Pinterest Is Your New Best Friend

Last month, my blog set a record amount of views and to no surprise 43 % of those views came from Pinterest. I wrote a blog post all about how I use Pinterest you can read that here.

Tips For New Bloggers
New Blogger Tips

If you just started a blog get on Pinterest, ASAP. When I began blogging I thought that Pinterest was a dead social media site and boy was I wrong. It’s very much alive and helping blogs everywhere get tons of traffic.

Instagram is great for sponsored posts and pretty pictures but it’s not the best referrer for blog traffic. I thought once I hit 10K on Instagram my blog traffic from Instagram would skyrocket, I was wrong. Last month, only 5% of my blog views came from Instagram.

Research And Understand SEO

I have spent my career in marketing so before I began blogging I had a pretty good understanding of SEO. Having a good understanding of SEO will help you get those organic blog views that every good blog needs. I have shared my very basic, introductory SEO tips here.

SEO tips for bloggers
SEO For New Bloggers

Beyond reading my introductory to SEO tips, constantly research SEO and ways you can improve your blog traffic. Implement 1 new tip every week. Measure your results. Check your Analytics. You will be so surprised how easy SEO tricks will increase your blog views.

Now take my 10 tips and go blog you heart out.

What is your biggest fear as a new blogger? Let me know in the comments below!

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Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog