About Me


Clearly, Hat is not my actual name, Hat are my initials and a lifelong nickname. Once I finally change to my married last name it will no longer officially be HAT but Hat On The Map is forever.

Born and bred in a small desert town in Southern California. Lived there until I moved to LA to start university. I stayed in LA for many years, had some of the best yet a bit blurry times of my life on the west side of the city.

I met my husband in a swimming pool in New Hampshire during the summer of our freshmen and sophomore years of college. We worked at all girl and all boy summer camps and had to do our lifeguard training together.

When we left California we had never lived in the same county and definitely never lived in the same city. We moved back to California as Mr & Mrs towing along the sweetest baby girl I have ever met, my cat Penny.

I started my blog to talk about my favorite travel destinations with tips and tricks along the way but soon realized I had so much more I wanted to talk about. It has now transformed into a lifestyle and travel blog that reflects my own life and experiences and fashion and beauty sense. It’s predominantly a mixture of travel, life events, fashion, beauty reviews, and recipes.

Happy Exploring.