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Hi Friends! Welcome to Hat On The Map! My name is Heather but my close friends call me by my initials, HAT. I was born and raised in a small desert town in Southern California, went to college in LA and have spent my career in corporate marketing.

I married the sweetest geologist from Florida and we have two sweet cats, Penny and Hobbs. My husband and I met in a swimming pool in New Hampshire during the summer of our freshmen and sophomore years of college, he worked at the all-boys camp and I worked at the all-girls camp. It’s a love story straight from a 90’s rom-com.

Currently, we live in Palm Springs and have fallen in love with this desert oasis. If you haven’t visited Palm Springs, it’s a must! It’s unlike any city I have ever visited, beautiful desert landscapes nestled right up next to dramatic mountain scenery.

Hat On The Map

Lifestyle Blogger

I started my blog as a place to share all my favorite things; whether I am talking about my favorite travel destinations or affordable sweaters I found on Amazon, it’s all here. Hat On The Map is a mixture of fashion, beauty, recipes, travel, and a sprinkle of life events. Oh and lots of wine!

I have always loved fashion and truly believe that a cute wardrobe doesn’t have to break the bank. I am obsessed with comfortable, casual clothes and I am happiest in a good pair of jeans or leggings. You can see more of my favorite styles here. With a knack for finding good sales and putting outfits together on a small budget, I believe that a fabulous wardrobe is attainable on all budgets.  

I love to travel! LOVE!  Always looking for a new adventure and am the happiest while on an airplane. I love traveling the world or exploring new cities in the states. I have visited 45 of 50 states (Ohio, Delaware, Alaska, Missouri and Nebraska, I’m coming for you!). One of my dreams is to participate in a Spanish immersion program in Spain or South America. Very adventurous at heart, you will never see me planning a vacation that revolves around lying on the beach.

When I am not blogging or shopping the best sales, you can find me exploring California, in the kitchen cooking up a healthy meal, exercising anywhere, or planning my next getaway.

While my passion for fashion is undeniable, I am happiest when I am traveling and exploring new destinations with my husband or at home relaxing with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc while watching Bravo with my cats.

I am so glad you found your way to Hat On The Map, let’s be best friends!