October’s Top 10

We are back for another round-up of the top 10 pieces from the previous month. I love these end of month round ups because it is an opportunity to look back at the items that you all loved. To no surprise, October’s top 10 most popular items were all items I took to Oregon with me. Also, October in Oregon = magic.

These rounds ups are so fun because I want to bring you the best content so reviewing this data for trending items, categories, and retailers, helps me plan next month’s content. Going by October’s top 10, I know you guys love Amazon finds, affordable shoes, and tons of faux leather! With one exception, everything on this month’s top 10 is under $50!

To shop any of these items, click on the image or the link and it will take you directly to the site. Or you can find all of these items on liketoknow.it!

If you want to know more information about behind the scenes of blogging scroll to the bottom, I go into a bit of detail on the behind the scenes of my little blogging business. Jeffree Star recently did a huge behind the scenes of his makeup empire and it inspired me to show you all a little behind the scenes of my little blog.

October’s Top Ten

Faux Leather Mini Skirt

top 10 fall fashion

Faux Leather Backpack

Leopard Print T-shirt

Most popular fall fashion

Pink Jacket

Fashion blogger amazon finds

Long Cardigan

top 10 amazon finds

Heeled Boots

Black Mules

Striped Sweater

fall fashion

Everyday Lip Gloss

Fringe Backpack Purse

How I determine my top 10….

I am a part of an affiliate program called rewardStyle, most of you know rewardStyle by its customer-facing platform, Liketoknow.it. This is a very popular affiliate program in the world of fashion bloggers. Any affiliate links that you click on my blog or Instagram, rewardStyle tracks for me. This also means that if you click on one of my links and purchase that item, I will make a VERY small commission. Some affiliate programs pay per click, rewardStyle pays per purchase made. 

As a RewardStyle member, I have access to all analytics. This means I can track what items are most clicked on and purchased. I cannot see who clicked on each link or any additional items might have been purchased in that transaction. For example, if you click on the link for my favorite foundation and then purchase additional makeup, I will only be able to see that a purchase was made and that the foundation link is what took you to the retailer’s site. Does this make sense?

All of that is to say, shopping through my links does not cost you anything additional (the item is the same price), the retailer will just pay me a small commission since I am the one that referred you.

These analytics are incredibly important to me because it allows me to see what all of you are loving. At the end of the day, this little blog of mine is meant to be a resource for you, so having the ability to track and measure each product’s success is invaluable. It is so fun for me to see what all of you are liking, buying and clicking on the most! These analytics are so important because I genuinely want to bring you products that you will love and at the best price point!

I am so appreciative when you choose to click and shop through my links, whether that be on Instagram or my blog. I work hard to be a great resource for you to find cute, affordable fashion, and hopefully, by sharing my favorite things, I make your life a bit easier.

Shopping through my links can be an extra step for you, but please know it makes all the difference to me. It is how I can continue sharing great deals, try on sessions, and everything else. Please know I am so thankful when you choose to shop through my links and give me credit for helping you score a great find!

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Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog
Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog

Fall Trends: The Most Popular On Hat On The Map

The days are getting shorter, the leaves are changing colors, college football is blaring on the TV, you know what that means, it’s officially Fall! It’s time to pull out those booties and cozy sweaters and prepare for cooler temperatures. When it comes to fall fashion, the list of fall trends to get excited about it long! My favorite fall trends are fun prints, textured materials, and skirts. GIMME ALL THE SKIRTS!

Fall Trends

This outfit embodies all of the most popular fall fashion trends. We have a skirt, some leopard print, a backpack purse and of course a black bodysuit! I just need to add a leather jacket to this outfit!

Most Popular Fall Trends

Every month I round up the most popular pieces from my blog and Instagram, for September, I thought I would do something a bit different. This month I decided to round up the most popular trends from the previous month. If you have been around for some time and are looking for my most popular pieces post, this is it!

Backpacks from Amazon

Every month this makes the most popular list, so I think it’s less of a trend and more of a closet staple.

fall trends for travel

Leather Jackets

Can you go wrong with a good leather jacket? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

jackets for fall

Leopard Print

I can’t stop with the leopard print! Sometimes I feel like Teresa Giudice and I am okay with that.

Skirts for Fall

I realize a skirt for fall may seem like an oxymoron but pair a skirt with a graphic tee and a jean jacket or a cute sweater and is the perfect early fall outfit.

leopard print sweater

Black Tops

Because black goes with everything and looks good on everyone! I always try to diversify my closet and always end up back in black.

Black shirts for women

If you are curious about how I determine the most popular trends on my blog and Instagram, I wrote all about that here! What fashion trends are you most excited for this fall? I am so excited to stock up on all the plaid, fun textures and great fitting high waisted jeans.

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Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog
Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog

Fall Fashion Trends: Graphic Tees

Fall Fashion Trends: Graphic Tees

Bold, effortless, and fun just a few words to describe my latest favorite trend, the graphic tee. The beloved throw-on-and-go graphic tees are making a huge splash this fall. This trend is in no way a new phenomenon but it is one trend that I am most excited about as we transition into cooler months. A few great graphic t-shirts are a must in every closet!

On a recent try on, I talked about all of my favorite fall fashion trends and of course one of those trends that I can’t get enough of is the graphic tee! The thing I love about graphic tees is the versatility.

graphic tees for fall

Graphic tees are a fun trend to try out and even more fun to dress up. During New York Fashion Week this year, I saw tons of graphic tees in many different capacities. My favorite was a graphic tee paired with a sleek pantsuit, that is a high/low moment that I am here for. I like to wear a graphic t-shirt is with a printed skirt or a blazer but you can’t go wrong pairing it with a great pair of denim either.

Casual outfit for fall

Feeling inspired? See below for a round up of all of my favorite affordable graphic tees right now.

Graphic Tees For Fall

The best part is all of my favorite graphic tees I have rounded up are all under $30. I recently fell in love with a graphic tee and when I clicked on it to see the price it was $90! for a t-shirt! No thank you! My favorite places to shop for affordable, cute graphic shirts are Target, H&M, and Abercrombie.

Hands-down my favorite kind of graphic t-shirt is a band tee. My dad is obsessed with 80’s rock and always has been. When I was a child, there was always Journey or REO Speedwagon blasting throughout the house. When I see a band tee a feeling of nostalgia comes over me and I have to buy that shirt. Here are a few fun facts: I saw the band Journey 10 times before my 18th birthday and my dads name is Pete Townsend, also the name of the guitarist from The Who. All that said, my collection of Journey and The Who shirts is expansive.

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Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog
Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog

Fall Fashion Trends: Leather Jackets Under $100

I have a question: do leather jackets ever go out of style? That is a trick question we all know the answer is NO! I love a leather jacket, it’s appropriate for almost every month and it looks good on top of most outfits! Leather jackets are one of the most versatile pieces and everyone needs a good leather jacket in their closet.

This fall there are so many fall trends that I am excited about like animal print, graphic tees, flare jeans and all of the plaid. But my favorite fall fashion piece isn’t a trend, its a must-have in your closet every year, a good leather jacket.

Fall Outfit Ideas

As we transition from summer to fall a leather jacket is a must! I love seeing a leather jacket paired with a dress, specifically a slip dress! A leather jacket adds the right amount of edge to a feminine outfit.

Let’s be clear: when I say leather jackets you know I mean leather style jackets right? Most of my picks are vegan leather which is better for us animal lovers and much nicer on the wallet.

I have a few leather jackets but my all-time favorite is my Blank NYC leather jacket. I purchased it from the Nordstrom sale a few years back and what a great purchase! Ultimately, my favorite style is a classic black leather jacket, but a colored leather jacket is so fun! Last year, I bought a red leather jacket and I am obsessed. My red leather jacket makes me feel like a country singer from the ’90s and I am all about it. I tried to keep this list all under $100, but my red leather jacket is a splash over $100. My red leather jacket is such a good one, I had to include it.

Fall fashion trends

Leather Jackets Under $100

When it comes to sizing for all jackets, I like to size up just a bit. I prefer the fit to be a bit oversized, that way it can comfortably fit over a sweater or multiple layers.

QUESTION: What is your favorite fall trend?? Let me know in the comments below.

All outfit details can be found here.

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Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog
Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog

August’s Most Popular On Hat On The Map + The Best of Labor Day Sales

It’s September?! How did that happen! I am always so sad to say goodbye to summer months but luckily I love fall style so that is something I get to look forward to. August was a busy month on Hat On The Map, I started Try-On Tuesday, and that has been so much fun!

This past month on Hat On The Map was all about transitional pieces! Cute pieces that can take you from the hottest days of summer to the cool fall temperatures. I love transitional pieces, if it is something I can wear from summer to fall or work to happy hour, I am a here for it!

DONT FORGET: I linked all of the best labor day sales at the bottom of this post, you do not want to miss these sales!

August Most Popular

White Tennis Shoes

White Tennis Shoes

The perfect tennis shoe for fall! White sneakers go with every outfit and look great with a dress, skirt or jeans!

Gold Necklaces

fall accessories

I mean is there such thing as too many gold accessories? I didn’t think so! A gold necklace is a quick and easy way to dress up an outfit!

Nude Lip Liner


I am obsessed with lipliner, I always have at least 5 lipliners in my purse at all time! I never put lipstick on without first applying lip liner. My all-time favorites are NYX lipliner in shades Peek-a-boo and Mauve.

Tank Top Bodysuit

Gosh, I love a bodysuit! This is a trend that will easily transition from summer to fall. Throw a cardigan and jeans on with one of these cute bodysuits and hey you have a super cute fall outfit!

Leopard Skirts

Fashion Finds For Fall

My absolute favorite fall trend. I can’t get enough animal print! Expect to see a ton of snakeskin and leopard print from me this fall!

Labor Day Sales

Are you shopping this labor day? These sales are too good to pass up! I purchased a ton of new jeans, a pair of tennis shoes and lots of fun graphic tees!

Abercrombie | 50% off + free shipping over $75

American Eagle | 20 – 60% off everything

Banana Republic | 40% off everything

Express | 40% off everything

J. Crew | 40% off with code SUNSET

Macy’s | 25 – 50% off + free shipping over $75 with code WKND

Madewell | $30 off jeans

Old Navy | 50% off all dresses, jeans and tees

Red Dress Boutique | 20% off with code OMG20

Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog
Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog