Amazon Finds For Social Distancing

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A month ago the term social distancing was not even in our vocabulary, today it is our reality. Isn’t it crazy that in one month a term can go from nonexistent to a household phrase? It’s wild! If you’re like most people, you’re realizing that staying inside 24/7 is quite an adjustment and may require a few extra purchases. I’m rounding up all of my must-have Amazon finds for this new normal.

Whether you’re trying (successful or not) to work from home, need ways to entertain yourself, or just want to be extra comfortable, here everything you need for the next few weeks (??) of social distancing.

If you follow me on Instagram you know I live for social interaction. It’s no secret here but I’m an extrovert. I thrive off social situations; I love a Friday night happy hour or a busy coffee shop on a Sunday morning. All that said, Palm Springs is under a mandated shelter in place and I am taking that very seriously. Because I will be stuck inside for the foreseeable future, I turned to my favorite website,, and bought all of the must-haves to make this time a little more enjoyable.

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Every time I share my favorite Amazon finds either on here or on Instagram, its always a crowd favorite. So in this time where we are unable to shop in the traditional matter, the good news is, there is always amazon prime! And if you are still shopping for some cute spring outfits, I’ve linked all of my favorite spring fashion amazon finds here!

Amazon Finds For Social Distancing

I, like many people, find myself making multiple Amazon purchases every month and this month’s purchases are completely centered around, staying in and cuddling my kitties. There are two very important categories to shop for when prepping for social distancing; things that make you comfortable and things that keep you entertained.

social distancing, amazon finds, amazon must haves, amazon home, amazon prime, quarantine, amazon fashion, fashion blogger amazon finds

A Good Pair Of Slippers

Air Purifier

Bar Tools

A Great Book And Some Fun Board Games

Light Therapy Lamp

Comfy Pants

Essential Oil Diffuser

At Home Exercise Equipment

Alcohol Wipes

Wifi Extender

A Comfy, Cozy, Oversized Fuzzy Blanket

An Easy Way To Watch ALL THE TV

What are some things you plan on doing while stuck inside? I know at my house we are attempting to clean and organize everything, we are also watching The Wire from beginning to end (HELLO YOUNG MICHAEL B JORDAN). Tell me in the comments what you are doing to pass this time!

Most importantly, I want you to leave with one thing I’m thinking of all of you! I know this transition can be tough and scary but just know we will get through this together! If you want to see some very cute cat videos, my Instagram stories are full of them!

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