2019 Movies: My Favorites That Are Streaming Now

If you follow me on Instagram Stories you already know how much I love going to the movies LOVE. My husband and I go at least twice a month to the movies. Our favorite movie theatre holds a Thrifty Tuesday, and we take complete advantage of the low rates. There were so many 2019 movies worth seeing in theatres and most of my favorites are ready to be streamed. 

In 2019, I saw quite a few movies that I loved and some that I, well didn’t like as much. Scroll down to the bottom for my least favorite of 2019. When it comes to picking a movie to see, I love comedies. I love to laugh and a break from reality is always a bonus.

A break from reality is probably what a lot of us are searching for right now. The spread of the Corona Virus is very scary and being stuck indoors can get old. But these fun 2019 movies will put a smile on your face. These movies are mainly comedies and will keep you very entertained during the weeks of social distancing.

I am one of those lucky people who can see the positive in almost every situation. And let me tell you I see the positives in social distancing. It will allow me to spring clean my house, watch all the fun things, and most importantly it will allow me lots and lots of time to cuddle my kitties.

If you are looking for something to do or watch while you are stuck inside your home, I have a list for you. I’ve rounded up my favorite movies of 2019 that are currently streaming for free. And by free you know I mean, these movies are available for free if you subscribe to the streaming service that they are currently on.

2019 Movies

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A few of my favorite movies of 2019 didn’t make the list because they are not available on any streaming sites. But, if you get the chance, I have two movie recommendations that you need to watch ASAP! Parasite and Knives Out, great movies and definitely on my favorite list of 2019!

Least Favorite Movie of 2019: Hotel Mumbai. Let me explain myself. This movie was so well made and the actors, phenomenal. My issue with this movie is my fault. I went into this movie ignorant about the 2008 Mumbai attacks and had no clue how terrifying this movie was going to be. This movie still gives me nightmares.

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