5 Things I am Obsessing Over this Week.


  1. 1. KMS HairPlay Makeover Spray – one word: WHOA! My hairdresser introduced me to this magic in a bottle and it has changed the game when it comes to washing my hair. I have super fine, greasy hair that loses volume after approximately 35 minutes but with this product, I am able to wear my hair down and styled for a full 2 days without any change in volume, its the bomb.com.
  2. Casey Anthony’s Parents Speak – Honestly, because who was not obsessed with every twist and turn of this awful 2008 case? This hour-long episode on A & E is totes worth a watch. Very interesting to hear her parents perspective and their vastly different views on the situation. After watching this special I am quite shocked that their marriage has lasted throughout such a traumatic situation.
  3. Coconut Milk: I’m super late to this milk alternative but I guess better late than ever. I love adding this to my iced coffee every morning, it immediately takes me to a tropical island.
  4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss in color Vintage Victorian Rose: This gloss has completely changed my lipstick routine. Traditionally, I a matte lipstick girl because I find most glosses completely disappear after I have one sip of a drink but not the case with this long wear gloss
  5.  Heart-shaped Sunglasses:  I bought these as a gift for a friend but once they were delivered I NEEDED my own pair.  I am so excited to take these on my summer vacations and be the girl on the beach with the most fun sunglasses.


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