Travel Tips: Packing for a Week Long Vacation in a Carry On.

Beach vacation, my ultimate favorite subject matter. My next trip I am trying  going to only pack beach essentials but for girls like me who really love lipstick and multiple outfits a day, that is HARD, but I am trying.

This vacation I plan to only take a carry on (well and a personal item, because duh). I mean I’m going to an island with 14,000 people what could I really need besides a few bathing suits and cover-ups. I always TRY to pack light but once you start adding the curling irons, the shoes, the accessories and all of a sudden the entire closet is packed.

Suitcase used: Samsonite Hardside 20″ Spinner

Here a few rules I am attempting to follow while packing for my beach vacation.

Pack more rompers! I love love love a romper or a jumpsuit and the whole outfit in one item saves tons of space.

All shoes must be multipurpose; a cute sandal that can be worn to both the beach and a casual dinner.

Keep makeup and toiletries to a minimum. For me, this means only one eyeshadow palette and less than 10 lip products. This is the hardest tip for me to remember to follow. If I wasn’t conscious about packing light I would have a full roller bag of lipstick, sparkly eyeshadow and hairspray.

Try to pack only one outfit per day.

Areas I do not skip out on, bathing suits. I mean, you have to have one per day, right?

Stay organized; I like to separate my items by catagory (tops, bathing suits, etc)  and put them in packing cubes, it’s so easy to get unorganized while traveling but this little tip helps with ATTEMPTING to stay organized. I bought these last year and I love the cute kitty design.

End Result:

Packing for a Beach Vacation

I love improving my vacation packing techniques, what tips help you pack light?


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