Hello, Nice To Meet You!

Today is my 25th blog post (wow, that happened fast!) and I’ve never given a proper introduction! I was so excited to get relevant content out that I forgot to introduce myself, also why is writing about yourself so awkward? If you want to really get to know me follow me on Instagram.

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My name is Heather Townsend, my initials are HAT and that’s been a life long nickname. Someday I plan on changing my last name to my married name but I really love Townsend and my HAT initials.

I’ve been searching for a creative outlet that I could control the speed and content. I’ve spent my career working on marketing teams for a myriad of industries but working on this blog has greatly increase my digital marketing and SEO knowledge. It’s crazy how much more you learn and invest in something when you are wholeheartedly passionate about it.

Instead of writing a traditional about me I spent my time writing 10 fun facts that help explain who I am, my passions and my real loves. It was still hard and SO awkward.

I’m obsessed with Hanson. Yes, that Hanson. I’ve traveled many miles, stood in long lines and waited many hours to see them. When I got married we used lots of Hanson songs; our first dance, my father/ daughter dance and the cake cutting song was all Hanson. The love is real.

We just moved back to California from Birmingham, AL. I was skeptical about living in the south but I loved it so much. I would move back tomorrow if I could, miss it so dang much!

The Alabama Theatre in Birmingham, AL

My favorite wine is Sauvignon blanc from the Marlborough Valley, it’s so dang delicious. We based our honeymoon off a trip to the Marlbourgh Valley and I was not disappointed. I’ve been to over 100 wineries; Ive toured vineyards in Marlborough Valley, Tuscany, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Napa Valley, Temecula and Edna Valley. Clearly, some of these regions are better than others.

I met my husband in a pool in New Hampshire while working at separate summer camps. It’s a great story I could dedicate 10 blogs to our super fun love story but I’ll save everyone. He’s from Florida and I’m from California so there were lots of coincidences that made it work.

Facetune (1)
Engagement Photos in Birmingham, AL

Traveling is my favorite hobby. I’ve spent time in 45 of the 50 states. I used to travel a lot for work and it took me to those states that I probably wouldn’t have visited on my own. Still need to visit Alaska, Delaware, Ohio, Nebraska and Iowa. I only count the states that I have spent a night in or else my list would look a bit different.

I have a serious love for reality TV like not healthy love. My current favorites are basically everything on Bravo, I started watching Vanderpump Rules and Southern Charm this year and I’m obsessed. I try not to add new shows to my lineup, that’s why Im so late to those shows. I don’t watch the bachelor or bachelorette, nobody has time for all that

My sweet baby Penny is the love of my life. When we first moved to Birmingham I wanted a cat SO BAD! Mike agreed that if its meant to be it will be. Fast forward a few weeks and Mike called me while I was on an extended business trip to tell me he got a cat. I thought he was kidding but then he sent me pictures of the most precious baby I’ve ever seen. It was love at first look. Some horrible person dropped a litter of kittens off in the middle of the talledega woods and Penny was determined to find a family. She weighed less than 2 pounds and clawed and meowed at Mike until he took her home.

My Sweet Calico Cat, Penny

I love the outdoors. I love it all; the desert, the beach, the mountains. Being outside is my favorite place to be. I spent a lot of my childhood going camping with my family, I didn’t appreciate it at the time but I know those trips crafted my love for the outdoors.

On top of Half Dome, what an adventure.

I am obsessed with beauty and makeup products. My absolute favorite products are hydrating skin oils, sheet masks, full coverage foundation, a dark mascara, a great highligher and a bold lip.

I love, love, love to cook. One of my favorite things to do is make dinner while drinking a cold glass of sauvignon blanc and listening to my favorite podcasts. We eat little to no grains at home and very little meat so most of my meals consist of vegetables, beans, and maybe some cheese or other form of dairy.

I’ve never met a cat that I didn’t fall deeply in love with.

Writing 10 facts about yourself should be easy right? but that was so hard.



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