What I Packed for Mexico..

We are off to Mexico! Okay, I know what a lot of you are thinking. You probably think we are crazy to be headed on vacation during the coronavirus pandemic, and well maybe we are. Honestly, we have thought a ton about canceling this trip, a ton. But after talking to two medical professionals and taking CDC precaution about Mexican travel, I feel comfortable taking this trip.

Okay, now that the not-fun topic is out of the way. I am so excited to head to Mexico and sit on the beach and drink margaritas and enjoy so much pool time. This is our first time to Mazatlan and I am thrilled to see a different part of Mexico. Mike and I love visiting Spanish speaking countries and if you follow me on Instagram you know my obsession with Mexican food is real. 

For this trip, I am only bringing a carry-on and that bag is FULL of amazon finds. I just bought three new swimsuits and a new dress from Amazon that I am so excited about! This is the first time in a long time that I thought about what I was I packing so I hope to be wearing everything I brought (or at least close to everything).

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