Top 19 Amazon Finds On Hat On The Map of 2019

When I started looking into the most popular things on Hat on the Map for 2019 there was one overwhelming theme, AMAZON! 2019 was the year of Amazon finds. You guys are as passionate about an Amazon find as I am!

My favorite part about this list of Amazon finds is all of these items are under $40, with most being way less! These pieces are so cute and at this price point, they are affordable to any budget. Everything listed is still in stock and you can shop by clicking the links below. I’m so excited to share more affordable Amazon finds with you in 2020.

I love all of these Amazon finds but I very much have a favorite. If you scroll through my list of most popular I think you will be able to quickly determine what my favorite 2019 Amazon find is. I’m sharing my favorite amazon find at the bottom, scroll down to find out!

Most Popular Amazon Finds

Black Backpack Purse – $22.99

White Backpack Purse – $22.99

Backpack for travel

Black V – Neck Bodysuit – $14.99

Black shirts for women

Black Faux Leather Skirt – $21.89

Spring fashion for women

Leopard Wrap Skirt – $19.99

Skirts from Amazon

Leopard Print Midi Skirt – $28.99

midi skirts for spring

Green Faux Suede Skirt – $16.99

Summer fashion from amazon

Black Lace Top – $19.99

Fashion blogger outfit

Pink Fringe Cardigan – $33.98

Fashion blogger amazon finds

Black Off The Shoulder Bodysuit – $13.99

Amazon must have

Long Beige Cardigan – $29.98

amazon finds for spring

Leopard Print Cardigan – $30.99

leopard print sweater

Black Sunglasses – $12.99

Amazon finds for summer

Brown Wedges – $30.99

wedges for spring

Polka Dot Midi Skirt – $24.89

graphic tees for fall

Blue One Piece Swimsuit – $26.99

One Piece Swimsuits from Amazon

Makeup Travel Case – $18.99

travel must haves

Leopard Print Halter Top – $19.99

Amazon fashion finds

Oversized Cardigan – $38.99

Fashion blogger amazon

My Favorite Amazon Find

So did you guess what item is my favorite amazon find of 2019? I think these pictures make it very clear that I am OBSESSED with my oversized black sunglasses. They are amazing, under $15, and make me feel like Kris Jenner. OKAY so her’s might be a splash more expensive but a girl can dream, right!?

Kris Jenner Sunglasses


I can’t thank you guys enough. Thank you for being here, thank you for clicking on my links, thank you for following my blog and Instagram, THANK YOU! Thank you for your likes, comments, DM’S and emails! 2019 was a huge year for me, it was the year I was able to dedicate myself to blogging and that wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for this amazing community. I am so thankful for your support and for allowing me to continue to blog. So once again, thank you for all your love in 2019 and cheers to a wonderful 2020!

Let’s Be Besties!

Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog
Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog

October’s Top 10

We are back for another round-up of the top 10 pieces from the previous month. I love these end of month round ups because it is an opportunity to look back at the items that you all loved. To no surprise, October’s top 10 most popular items were all items I took to Oregon with me. Also, October in Oregon = magic.

These rounds ups are so fun because I want to bring you the best content so reviewing this data for trending items, categories, and retailers, helps me plan next month’s content. Going by October’s top 10, I know you guys love Amazon finds, affordable shoes, and tons of faux leather! With one exception, everything on this month’s top 10 is under $50!

To shop any of these items, click on the image or the link and it will take you directly to the site. Or you can find all of these items on!

If you want to know more information about behind the scenes of blogging scroll to the bottom, I go into a bit of detail on the behind the scenes of my little blogging business. Jeffree Star recently did a huge behind the scenes of his makeup empire and it inspired me to show you all a little behind the scenes of my little blog.

October’s Top Ten

Faux Leather Mini Skirt

top 10 fall fashion

Faux Leather Backpack

Leopard Print T-shirt

Most popular fall fashion

Pink Jacket

Fashion blogger amazon finds

Long Cardigan

top 10 amazon finds

Heeled Boots

Black Mules

Striped Sweater

fall fashion

Everyday Lip Gloss

Fringe Backpack Purse

How I determine my top 10….

I am a part of an affiliate program called rewardStyle, most of you know rewardStyle by its customer-facing platform, This is a very popular affiliate program in the world of fashion bloggers. Any affiliate links that you click on my blog or Instagram, rewardStyle tracks for me. This also means that if you click on one of my links and purchase that item, I will make a VERY small commission. Some affiliate programs pay per click, rewardStyle pays per purchase made. 

As a RewardStyle member, I have access to all analytics. This means I can track what items are most clicked on and purchased. I cannot see who clicked on each link or any additional items might have been purchased in that transaction. For example, if you click on the link for my favorite foundation and then purchase additional makeup, I will only be able to see that a purchase was made and that the foundation link is what took you to the retailer’s site. Does this make sense?

All of that is to say, shopping through my links does not cost you anything additional (the item is the same price), the retailer will just pay me a small commission since I am the one that referred you.

These analytics are incredibly important to me because it allows me to see what all of you are loving. At the end of the day, this little blog of mine is meant to be a resource for you, so having the ability to track and measure each product’s success is invaluable. It is so fun for me to see what all of you are liking, buying and clicking on the most! These analytics are so important because I genuinely want to bring you products that you will love and at the best price point!

I am so appreciative when you choose to click and shop through my links, whether that be on Instagram or my blog. I work hard to be a great resource for you to find cute, affordable fashion, and hopefully, by sharing my favorite things, I make your life a bit easier.

Shopping through my links can be an extra step for you, but please know it makes all the difference to me. It is how I can continue sharing great deals, try on sessions, and everything else. Please know I am so thankful when you choose to shop through my links and give me credit for helping you score a great find!

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Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog
Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog

Try On: Amazon Fashion for Fall

Another Tuesday, another try on! For this try on, I am rounding up a few of my favorite versatile fall finds from Amazon Fashion. Fall Fashion is all about versatility and layers and I am a sucker for a versatile piece. I love a cute piece that can be dressed up or dressed down! In addition to versatility for fall, I am also a huge fan of all the fun textures and animal prints, what is your favorite fall fashion trend?!

As you know, Amazon Fashion is full of hits and misses, I saved a few of my absolute misses from Amazon, under my highlights on Instagram. I need to start sharing more of my Amazon Fashion misses, with the amount of shopping I do on Amazon, there are a ton of absolute failures! The worst thing I have ever purchased from Amazon Fashion was last fall, the picture looked like this cute khaki dress with a bow in the front. When the dress arrived, it looked like a potato sack with extra fabric hanging in the front, HORRIBLE!

If you are looking for more of my favorite, budget-friendly, Amazon Fashion finds, follow me on Liketoknow. it or shop my Amazon page!

Fall Finds From Amazon Fashion

Amazon Fashion

A faux leather skirt is a must for fall! I am wearing a medium in this bodysuit and skirt. This skirt runs small, if you are between sizes, size up!

Fall Fashion

I feel like a fly girl in this jacket and I am here for it!? Can you believe this pink coat is an amazon find? SO DANG CUTE!

Cardigan outfit

Expect to see so much of this cardigan this fall! I love the fit of this cardigan and I love that it is short in the front and longer in the back!

dress from amazon

A cardigan that can also be worn as a dress!? I am here for this. If you plan to wear this cardigan as a dress, size down for a more fitted fit.

snakeskin print

So obsessed with this jacket! It looks great with jeans or a skirt. Wearing a size medium in this top and this jacket, sized up with these Levi’s.

sweater from amazon

I can’t get enough stripes for Fall! I am wearing a medium in both this sweater and this skirt!

Every week I try to diversify my try ons and add other popular retailers into the mix. Anytime I attempt to do this my DM’s are full of messages asking for more Amazon Fashion finds! Amazon is just the most popular, like but a long shot! All that said, if there is a retailer that you would love to see a try on from, please let me know!

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Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog
Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog

Try On: Fall Outfits

Well, it is fall. I have very mixed feelings about fall. On one hand, I love it because it brings us cute fashion and my birthday, on the other hand, its the worst because I lose my husband to college football. One thing I am very excited about for fall is cute fall outfits. Fall fashion always gets me so excited about the cooler temperatures.

This try on was all about highs and lows. I wanted to include a ton of affordable Amazon finds mixed with high-quality staple pieces. If you missed my recent Amazon fall haul, you can find all of those affordable fall pieces here. In addition to highs and lows, I also wanted to focus on my favorite fall trends which are: olive green, animal print, and floral print.

If you are looking for more fall outfit inspo, follow me on !

Fall Outfits

Fall outfits 2019

Everyone needs a good white shirt in their closet, right? Wearing a size medium in this top, if you don’t want an oversized fit, size down. The jeans run small if you are between sizes, size up. Booties run TTS.

Travel style

These leggings are a must!!! I’ve had them for ages, they are amazing! They are thick, high waisted and never lose their shape. My Nike’s are currently 50% off, wearing a size 9.

amazon finds

Clearly olive green is my color of fall. Wearing a medium in this top, jean jacket and this skirt.

leopard print shoes

How cute is this top and these booties!?!? I’m in love. These jeans run super small, I sized up and they were still super tight.

jean skirt outfit

Help me decide, should I keep this top!? It’s the perfect shade of green but the fit is a bit weird. I might not be sold on this top but everything looks better with a jean skirt, AMIRITE!?

work outfits

The perfect work outfit for fall. Wearing a size 6 in the skirt and medium in the top. If you don’t have a pair of Vince Camuto heels, it is time to invest in a pair! The perfect height and so dang comfortable.

Casual style

This sweater is from Amazon, can you believe that!? I am wearing a medium in everything and a size 9 in these sandals.

casual fall outfit

Protip: get yourself a good white bodysuit, it can be worn with anything and looks great in summer or fall!

Fall Style

Everyone needs this cardigan! I know I say that a lot but dang it is true! This cardigan is under $30 and comes in all of the colors!

What are your favorite kind of fall outfits?! Let me know in the comments below.

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Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog
Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog

Try On: Fall Fashion at Target and H & M

Pumpkin Spice lattes are back at Starbucks you know what that means, get out your cardigans because fall is here. Fall brings lots of wonderful things; cooler temperatures, leaves changing, and my personal favorite, fall fashion!

Fall 2019 is bringing so many fun trends. The fall fashion trends that I am really into are all things the ’90s (Hi Cher Horowitz!), mixing fun prints and all kinds of animal print. In addition to those trends, New York Fashion Week was full of pink so I am excited to embrace the pink trend this fall.

This fall one thing everyone needs in their closet is some graphic tees! I can’t get enough. My favorite way to wear a graphic tee is to pair it with a fun print, I am such a fan! I have a closet full of graphic tees and yet I always see a new one that I need.

Fall Fashion at H & M and Target

My absolute favorite part of this try on is the dressing room lighting at H & M, like hello! Have you ever seen better lighting? I feel like a freaking model under those lights!

All of my outfit details are also linked on!

This skirt runs small! I am wearing a size 8 in the skirt. This shirt I am wearing a large, it runs TTS but I like my graphic tee’s to be a bit big.

The Best Graphic Tee’s For Fall

The best part is, all of these graphic tee’s are under $20!

fall fashion at H & M

Hi plaid skirt, I love you! Wearing a size 6 in this top and a medium in this skirt. This skirt comes in 5 different prints and is under $15.

animal print dress h&m

I am wearing a size medium in this dress, and it fits perfect!

Animal Print Dresses at H & M

fall outfit ideas

This jean skirt from Target looks exactly like the one from free people! I am wearing a size 6 in this skirt and a medium in everything else.

Fall Cardigans Under $30

Another leopard print dress because I couldn’t resist!!!! I love this one, I feel like a sassy Sunday school teacher, and that is fine by me.

Fashion blogger finds

Wearing a size medium in everything pictured here.

Fall Shoes For Women

If you were a fan of this try-on, you can find additional try-ons here!

Now that I have this closet full of cute fall clothes, I need the temperature to drop just a few degrees so I can wear these super cute outfits! What fall fashion trends are your favorites this fall!? Let me know in the comments below!

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Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog
Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog