Top 19 Amazon Finds On Hat On The Map of 2019

When I started looking into the most popular things on Hat on the Map for 2019 there was one overwhelming theme, AMAZON! 2019 was the year of Amazon finds. You guys are as passionate about an Amazon find as I am!

My favorite part about this list of Amazon finds is all of these items are under $40, with most being way less! These pieces are so cute and at this price point, they are affordable to any budget. Everything listed is still in stock and you can shop by clicking the links below. I’m so excited to share more affordable Amazon finds with you in 2020.

I love all of these Amazon finds but I very much have a favorite. If you scroll through my list of most popular I think you will be able to quickly determine what my favorite 2019 Amazon find is. I’m sharing my favorite amazon find at the bottom, scroll down to find out!

Most Popular Amazon Finds

Black Backpack Purse – $22.99

White Backpack Purse – $22.99

Backpack for travel

Black V – Neck Bodysuit – $14.99

Black shirts for women

Black Faux Leather Skirt – $21.89

Spring fashion for women

Leopard Wrap Skirt – $19.99

Skirts from Amazon

Leopard Print Midi Skirt – $28.99

midi skirts for spring

Green Faux Suede Skirt – $16.99

Summer fashion from amazon

Black Lace Top – $19.99

Fashion blogger outfit

Pink Fringe Cardigan – $33.98

Fashion blogger amazon finds

Black Off The Shoulder Bodysuit – $13.99

Amazon must have

Long Beige Cardigan – $29.98

amazon finds for spring

Leopard Print Cardigan – $30.99

leopard print sweater

Black Sunglasses – $12.99

Amazon finds for summer

Brown Wedges – $30.99

wedges for spring

Polka Dot Midi Skirt – $24.89

graphic tees for fall

Blue One Piece Swimsuit – $26.99

One Piece Swimsuits from Amazon

Makeup Travel Case – $18.99

travel must haves

Leopard Print Halter Top – $19.99

Amazon fashion finds

Oversized Cardigan – $38.99

Fashion blogger amazon

My Favorite Amazon Find

So did you guess what item is my favorite amazon find of 2019? I think these pictures make it very clear that I am OBSESSED with my oversized black sunglasses. They are amazing, under $15, and make me feel like Kris Jenner. OKAY so her’s might be a splash more expensive but a girl can dream, right!?

Kris Jenner Sunglasses


I can’t thank you guys enough. Thank you for being here, thank you for clicking on my links, thank you for following my blog and Instagram, THANK YOU! Thank you for your likes, comments, DM’S and emails! 2019 was a huge year for me, it was the year I was able to dedicate myself to blogging and that wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for this amazing community. I am so thankful for your support and for allowing me to continue to blog. So once again, thank you for all your love in 2019 and cheers to a wonderful 2020!

Let’s Be Besties!

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