5 Blogging Goals For 2020

2020 blogging goals

2020 is my year of YES. This year, in addition to setting blogging goals for the new year, I am also establishing a word that will define this year and the word I have chosen is Yes. Yes to everything! Yes to new adventures and stepping outside of my comfort zone, yes to dreams and goals that scare me a bit: yes, yes, yes! And yes to being as transparent as possible in 2020, starting the year by sharing my 2020 blogging goals.

To say I am a bit self-conscious to share these blogging goals is an understatement. Putting these goals out there in such a public way makes me feel VERY vulnerable and honestly pretty uncomfortable. But that is what 2020 is about, saying yes to the uncomfortable. By putting my 2020 blogging goals in such a public forum that is my attempt to hold myself accountable in the most public way possible. I am a true believer that if your goals do not scare you then you need to reach a bit more and let me tell you these goals scare me! Specifically, the goals where I have stated a hard figure (I’m talking about you goals 1 & 5).

2020 Blogging Goals

Hit 75,000 Followers on Instagram

Okay, let’s be honest this is a lofty goal. To achieve this goal, I need to increase my current Instagram following by 150%. Scary, yes! I started 2019 with under 3000 followers on Instagram. I hit some major milestones in 2019 like 10K, 20K and 30K on Instagram. With some hard work and new partnerships in 2020, I hope to see 75K on Instagram.

I feel VERY awkward sharing this goal because I have an amazing, engaged audience on Instagram and don’t want to treat that audience as “just a number”. But in the spirit of being transparent here, sharing this major goal makes me feel VERY awkward.

fashion bloggers on instagram

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Publish at least one, ideally two blog posts a week

In 2020, I want to make my blog a priority. Instagram could disappear tomorrow but my blog I have complete control over, and I want to take better advantage of that in 2020. This year, expect to see more of my favorite finds, amazon must-haves, drugstore dupes, recipes, travel guides and real-life on my blog.

Partner with an international tourism board

I LOVE to travel, like a lot! I love long flights and exploring new places off the beaten path. And I especially love international travel, I love eating new cuisines and learning about cultures different than mine. So partnering with an international tourism board and taking you all along for the ride would be an absolute DREAM. American’s have a lot of preconceived notions about other countries and I want to show my audience that it’s okay to step a bit out of your comfort zone when planning an international vacation.

Storytime: One of my favorite places I have ever visited was Medellin, Colombia. Seriously, it was a dream! Colombia is gorgeous, Medellin is amazing, I can’t tell you how much I loved this trip, everything was perfect. But when I tell people about my experience I always get the same reaction, “But Colombia isn’t safe”. And that right there is the reason I am so passionate about partnering with an International tourism board! I want to help abolish those reactions to such wonderful and beautiful places in this world and show my audience that the most amazing places are outside the walls of the all-inclusive resort.


My dream tourism board to partner with would be a place warm and beautiful like the South Pacific or South America or anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere. #GOALS!

Collaborate with an outdoor brand to curate or create a hiking collection

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I am obsessed with hiking, every weekend my husband and I go hiking. Long or short, desert or mountains; I love it all. Anything outdoors, sign me up. What I don’t love is the unflattering and expensive apparel associated with hiking, the unflattering pants the comfortable but ugly boots.

For my recent birthday, my husband and I went to my favorite place in the world, Yosemite. We hiked all day and enjoyed wine at night, it was PERFECT. It was on that trip that I had this idea for hiking apparel that is also cute. Something that a woman can feel comfortable and confident in without breaking the bank. I would love to partner with an outdoors company to curate a line of hiking apparel for women like me. Women who love to hike but also want to look a little bit cute. This is probably the hardest goal to achieve but one can dream, right?

5K followers on the Liketoknow.it app

Ohhh I can’t believe I am sharing this goal! If you are unfamiliar with Liketoknow.it, it is an influencer shopping app that gives its users access to all the products that bloggers like myself are posting about. If you don’t already have the Liketoknow.it app, it’s free to download and will completely change the way that you shop!

For instance: if you want to shop my favorite Amazon one-piece swimsuits, click on the below image and it will take you directly to a shoppable image.

Swimsuits from amazon

I applied for liketoknow.it in early 2019, so I spent the first part of the year with 0 followers on the app. Around July, I decided that I would like to grow my audience on the app and have dedicated a bit of time doing that. And one of my 2020 goals is to really grow that audience like 5X.

If you don’t already, I would love for you to follow me on the liketoknow.it app. The app is free and such a fun way to shop for all of my favorite things. It’s easy, download the app, search for me (HATONTHEMAP) in the influencer search tab and start shopping! I share tons of sales and amazing amazon finds.

I’m coming for you 2020!

Blogging Goals

Okay, now that I have gotten all of these goals out I need to get to work on these ambitious goals! I wish I could tell you which of these 2020 goals scared me the most but they are all pretty scary to me.

The book, ‘The Secret’ tells its readers to, Ask, Believe and Receive. So here I am putting all of my goals and dreams out into the universe and I am going to continue to believe and hopefully will be rewarded and receive.

Tell me – what are your goals for 2020? How do you keep track of those goals? I would love to hear your goals and what you are doing to achieve them!

If one of your 2020 goals is starting a blog, I have some great resources for you:

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Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog


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