Amazon Fashion Finds: A How To Guide To Amazon Fashion.

Earlier this year, I went to one of my best friends 30th birthday parties in LA, we celebrated with a huge brunch on a rare rainy Saturday. The birthday girl, Liz, was wearing the cutest Birthday outfit that I was obsessed with! She had this black off the shoulder, tightly fitted, shirt that she paired with a high waisted, loose, flowing skirt. I loved it! I immediately needed to know where she got that top from. When she told me it was from Amazon I was blown away. I thought that there was no way this cute, well made, super flattering top was $15 from Amazon.

At that point, I did very little clothes shopping on Amazon. I had purchased a few things here and there but for the most part, it wasn’t a retailer that I filled my wardrobe with.

Since my Amazon awakening, I have purchased about 50% of my clothes on Amazon and have found TONS of amazing items! Does it take a lot of skimming through and reading comments to find the perfect item? Sure. Is it worth the time and effort? ABSOLUTELY! I have found that Amazon is best for the basic items, including the best leggings I own!

Amazon Bodysuit paired with Gap Jean Shorts

If you are as passionate about frugal shopping as I am, then Amazon is for you. Here are a few tricks that have helped me find some amazing deals and products on Amazon.

Best Practice Tips For Amazon Clothes Shopping:

  1. Don’t be overly specific about what you type into the search bar, less is more here.
  2. Turn on the Amazon prime button on so it only shows Amazon Prime eligible items.
  3. Filter the search to only show products with 4+ stars.
  4. Look for products that have over 50 reviews, if it’s less than that there is a good chance it’s the seller of the product that is writing those reviews.

Okay now, let’s talk about my favorite amazon clothing purchases from this summer. Every product listed below is under $20, again, I love a deal.

Halter Black Bodysuit

This summer I have lived in bodysuits, especially this one. It’s so light and comfortable. I like to wear it with a high rise faux leather skirt, such a cute, fun outfit.


Off The Shoulder Bodysuit

Surprise! another bodysuit. I really love how this bodysuit fits. I purchased 8 different bodysuits on Amazon this summer and I loved them all but these two were really my absolute favorites. If you follow me on Instagram you will see TONS of summer photos in bodysuits.


Tortoise Shell Cateye Sunglasses

This is the second time I have purchased Sunglasses from this retailer and I am blown away. Such a good product! They fit nice and snug and feel much more expensive than their $9.99 price tag.


Wrap Front Mini Skirt

This skirt is so flattering! The olive green color makes it the perfect piece to transition from summer to fall. This skirt does wrinkle easily so store with caution.

Tie Front Tank Top

This comfortable tank top is so perfect for a casual outfit. Lightweight and comfortable; perfect with jeans or leggings.

Tie Front Mini Dress

Apparently, I have a thing for tie front clothing. I bought this dress for our trip to Mexico earlier this summer. It was a bit big so size down. Its lightweight and flowy making it the perfect summer dress for those hot and sticky nights.

I’ll be honest, one thing I probably wouldn’t purchase on Amazon is shoes. I am super picky about shoes and their fit so I can’t imagine purchasing shoes from Amazon but never say never.

I think my next Amazon post will have to be on beauty products on Amazon because let me tell you Amazon is loaded with the best beauty products.

Happy Shopping!

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