Fall Fashion Staples Every Girl Needs In Her Closet

Fall fashion is really tricky for me this year, this is the first in many years that I won’t be able to really embrace fall fashion on a daily basis. Since we have moved back to Southern California the “fall” weather really just feels like a mild summer. The leaves don’t change and we will probably be using our pool until the end of October. The warm weather has not stopped me from excitedly pulling out my huge baskets full of oversized sweaters and cute flannels.

Luckily, I have some really fun things planned this fall that will take me to places with much cooler temperatures. We are going to spend a lot of time up in the mountains and spending a very fun week in Big Sur. I am planning on stuffing all of my cute fall looks into these cooler days.

Last week on the blog I talked about my favorite fashion trends for Fall 2018, and while  I am so excited to invest in some really cute items for this season, those new items are not the majority of my fall wardrobe. I will be purchasing a few new things I will really be embracing a few key staples that I have collected over the years.

Okay, now let’s talk about the things that every girl’s closet needs!

Feminine Flannel

My all-time favorite flannel is this red and black Lucky Brand one I found at TJ Maxx in Hoover, AL three years ago. It’s amazing, during the last few falls I have worn it at least once a week. It’s feminine, comfortable, breathable and just such a good purchase! I searched the internet up and down and could not find the exact one anywhere but I did find this cute blue version from Lucky Brand that seems like a pretty good duplicate.

Lucky Brand Flannel

Fun, Sassy, Sweater

I wish my closet was filled more with sassy, cute, fun sweaters like this Free People sweater.  I’ll be honest I have never received as many compliments on my clothing like I do when I wear this sweater. People will stop me left and right to pay a compliment to this free people sweater. I have the rust color, it’s so perfect for fall.

Free People Sweater

Long Cardigans

I have so many long cardigans and I just love them all! Its such a good look over a light t-shirt with some high rise jeans and booties, comfy and oh so cute! This fall I have seen a ton of multicolored stripe cardigans and I can’t wait to find the perfect one to invest in to add to my large collection.

Long, Light Cardigan

Levi’s 721 Jeans

Okay, these jeans! I am so obsessed. They run small, so size up! Every girl needs these jeans in their closet not just for fall but for every season.  I have the jeans in multiple shades they are so flattering and look great with an oversized sweater or just a tank top. These jeans are so versatile and comfortable!

Levi’s High Rise Jeans


I have a hundred pair of booties BUT this pair is different. I think I bought them last year during the Nordstrom sale but now they are at Nordstrom Rack so SCORE! These are a really great transitional bootie, the open side makes for a better warmer weather bootie then all of my other shoes.

1.State Isak Bootie

So while I don’t need a ton of fall clothing items like my girls in like Chicago I still love to have a few awesome pieces that will get me excited for cooler weather. What are your key fall staples that fill your closet?

Free People Sweater and 721 Levi Jeans

Happy Fall!



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