Trader Joes Staples For The Keto Diet

I’m finally back in Palm Springs from a very long trip to Birmingham, AL, I had the best time in the deep south, where I enjoyed fried pickles, IPA beer, and crunch wrap supremes. I wish all those things were in my normal diet but, they are not.

I’m so excited to be back home where I’m able to go to the grocery store and get all my favorite foods. One of my favorite things to do when I get home from a long trip is to fill my pantry and fridge with all of my favorite, delicious and healthy foods. I am not a person who gets homesick but I do miss the ability to be able to cook and control all of the food I consume.

To keep my diet clean and mainly grain free I have to keep my home full of delicious and easy grain-free options.  My favorite items below also follow the Keto diet, I am so intrigued by the Keto diet but don’t currently follow because of my deep love for beans.

When I got home from my trip to Birmingham, my fridge was cleaned out, all that was left was chicken, string cheese, and bacon. I guess those items must be the necessities for my husband. There is something exciting about an empty fridge, it means I get to fill the fridge with WHATEVER I want.

Now, let’s get to these Trader Joe’s Staples.

Refrigerated Items

Carne Asada
Trader Joe’s preseasoned carne asada is SO good and easy.


IMG_6407 (1)
Easy and Delicious Carne Asada


Pork Chops
If you follow my Instagram stories tonight you will see my delicious one pan pork chops, yum! I’ll add the recipe to my Instagram highlights because this recipe is so delicious and easy!


Shaved Brussel Sprouts
Super easy to cook up real quick for a delicious side dish.

Cherry Tomatoes
Tomatoes are my favorite food, it’s that easy.

Sugar Plum Tomatoes

Canned Red & Yellow Roasted Peppers
So great to cut up and throw on a salad.

Steamed Baby Beets
Beets mixed with goat cheese, obsessed!

Steamed & Peeled Baby Beets

Persian Cucumbers
Okay, quick recipe, mix sour cream and everything but the bagel seasoning and use that as a base to dip the Persian cucumbers, SO GOOD!

Trader Joes Persian Cucum

Broccoli Slaw
The base for my husband’s favorite side dish.



Cauliflower Rice/ Broccoli Rice
I love to use this product to make rice for burrito bowls, yum!

Trader Joe’s Riced Cauliflower

Frozen Green Beans


Trader Joes Frozen Vegetables

Shelled Edamame


I also always stock up on lettuce, spinach, kale, and broccoli but how boring.



Coconut Chips
My absolute favorite snack for airplanes.


Roasted Coconut Chips


Raw Almonds
My husband takes raw almonds to work everyday so its a must have.


Everything But The Bagel Seasoning
This stuff is the real deal!! I use it on everything. It’s great in greek yogurt as a dip or as a sprinkle on top of the salad. It’s so multifunctional and amazing, must purchase. I get a lot of my seasonings from Trader Joe’s, the prices are so good!


Everything But The Bagel Seasoning


Almond Flour
I use this to make the best Keto Muffins! I love almond flour, its such a great high protein, low carb substitute for traditional wheat flour.

Olive Oil
The best prices on olive oil!


Not Keto Friendly

Gone Bananas
I love these, I wanted something sweet so chocolate covered bananas because DUH!

Dark Chocolate Covered Banana Slices

Coming Soon

Spaghetti Squash, once fall comes around I always have a spaghetti squash in my home. Trader Joe’s is my favorite place to purchase Spaghetti Squash because their price can’t be beaten.

Some might find grocery shopping horrible and daunting but I’ll be honest there is something about it that is so fun.

What are some Grain-Free and Keto Friendly Trader Joe’s items that I am missing? I know most people will notice the absence of Almond Butter, the truth is, I really hate all nut butters.

Happy Shopping.




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  1. I’ve been wanting to try the everything but the bagel seasoning! Trader Joe’s is just so far away from my house! I may have to make a special trip… 🤔

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