Fun Summer Weekend Outfit

Summer is rapidly coming to an end, I know, I know. But I just love summer clothes so DANG much. I am so sad for the leaves to start changing and my tan to fade, have I mentioned how much I love summer?

This summer I lived in high waisted denim shorts. I have a million of them; my favorites are these top shop shorts linked below but I also love my pairs from Gap and Abercrombie & Fitch.

Take a look at those earrings in this picture, how cute are they? Well here’s a sad story, I got so excited when I went to jump in the lake that I forgot to take them out and immediately lost 1/2 of the set. VERY SAD.

I am going to start this week working on my posting my fall transitional pieces but until then, Off The Shoulder Tops and High Waisted Denim Shorts.

Summer OOTD

Shoes • High Waisted Denim Shorts • Off The Shoulder Top •  Sunglasses • Earrings


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