The Best of Cabo San Lucas; three must visit Cabo destinations.

We recently went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a destination wedding and boy was it the most fun! I was there with all of my college best friends for five days of sunshine, tequila, and so many tacos. It was the perfect way to spend my fourth of July long weekend.

Living my best life in Cabo San Lucas

When I think of destination weddings I think of a small group of people that travel for the wedding, that was not the case here. This was a very large group of people that came to Mexico to celebrate one of my favorite couples.

The large group that traveled to Mexico for the wedding had tons of opinions and suggestions of what had to be seen and where we had to go. Luckily we were very specific about what restaurants we went to or where we spent our time. The trip as a whole was amazing but there were three specific things that really stuck out to me!

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone visits a major city for 48 hours and suddenly knows “all the best places” because that seems so unrealistic. This is not one of those posts! I just don’t understand how someone can visit a major metropolitan area and instantly become a subject matter expert.

There were three places in Cabo that were recommended to us that I fell in love with and would like to visit every month. I was SO impressed with these three experiences.

Tacos Guss

I like to think of myself as an Al Pastor Taco Connoisseur and this place was my mecca. Right inside the town, this little hole in the wall is serving perfect, simple tacos. The tacos come out with just the meat and the tortilla and then they bring out a large board with all of the toppings and salsas. I think the trick to Tacos Guss is they really focus on the basics, there is nothing fancy or gimmicky about this place they just focus on really delicious, authentic Mexican food.

Boat Ride to the Arches

At all the hotels and resorts they will advertise arches tours for $50 – $60 but the real trick is to show up at the marina and jump on a smaller boat for $10 – $15 dollars. This hour-long ride took us so close and personal to the rocks and sea life right off the coast of Cabo San Lucas. I thought my geologist husband would be blown away by the beautiful rock formations but he was much more impressed with the boat drivers navigating abilities.

Boat ride to the Cabo San Lucas Arches

Sunset Cocktails at Mona Lisa Smile

I’ll be the first one to admit when my friends were telling me that we were leaving our resort to go to a different resort 10 minutes away to have cocktails, I wasn’t super into it. My thought process was I could sit here and drink the same cocktail but never the less I went. Boy was I blown away. We were whisked off to the restaurant up the road just in time for a beautiful Cabo San Lucas sunset. I had a blueberry margarita, it was great but nothing compared the beautiful sunset we experienced!

The New York Times has ranked the Mona Lisa Smile as the 5th coolest restaurant in the world. They are not joking around, it’s so stunning. There are not enough adjectives in the world to describe the beauty we saw. While enjoying a beverage there we saw a super romantic, elaborate proposal and it really made me fall more in love with the place.

This Mexican Sunset was no joke.

I’ve always loved Mexico, Mexican food and the Mexican culture and Cabo San Lucas did not disappoint!

Our next trip to Mexico is to Mexico City, what are some must-see places in the capital city of Mexico?

Happy Exploring!




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