5 Things I’m Obsessing Over This Week

As I was packing for my first summer vacation and laying out all of my favorite products I thought to myself more people need to be talking about these things so here I am.

Malin + Goetz Mojito Lip Balm: I’ve had this stuff for ages, I got it in an IPSY bag, but just started using it on a regular basis and let me say this lip balm gives my desert lips LIFE! I use this at night after I exfoliate my lips and I wake up with the softest, moisturized lips ever.

Neutrogena Age-Shield Face Oil-Free Sunscreen: I take SPF seriously, especially on the face (I don’t want to mess around with wrinkles), so I think this sunscreen was made for me. I am really fair and can’t deal with sunburns and this sunscreen is putting in work to keep my skin in the best shape. With several beach vacations on the horizon, this product will be putting in overtime.

Must have for your summer vacation.

Free People Long Beach Tank Top: I have this tank top in 4 different colors and 2 of the black version and I am obsessed. It’s the perfect top to throw on when its 110 degrees and you want to wear your loosest clothes possible. Also one of these tank tops with a quality pair of leggings is the best outfit for a long flight.

Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop Podcast: Again, I am a Bravo fanatic and this podcast goes deep into all the juicy scoop every week. I have been a dedicated listener since inception and every week it just gets better and better. This past week she had one of the Love after Lock Up castmates, a reality show I have never seen but after listening to this episode I need to start watching ASAP. If you have any interest in Real Housewives this Tuesday/ Thursday podcast a must listen.

Southern Charm: I am a Bravo fanatic and I thought I was watching the worth wild Bravo shows but man was I wrong.  I was finally convinced to watch Southern Charm this season and wowowowow, I can’t believe I have missed out on this charming show. After watching T RAV’s girlfriend Ashley this past week, I’m embarrassed for all Californians that move to The South. YIKES!!

I have all my podcasts downloaded and my products packed all ready to travel for my first summer vacation.



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