Monday Morning Obsessions: 5 Podcasts I Can’t Live Without.

Monday Morning Obsessions: 5 Podcasts I Can’t Live Without.

Since moving back to California from Alabama every weekend has been BUSY! driving all over the state busy. This weekend I spent 11 hours in the car to help celebrate some of my favorite people. I started the weekend in LA at SUR and Pump for a birthday party, drove home for a baby shower then drove back to LA to continue celebrating my husbands birthday with a comedy show at the Ace Hotel. Luckily I had an arsenal full of my favorite form of entertainment, podcasts, to help me pass the time in the car.

I really got into podcasting as a form of entertainment in 2014, with the rest of the world, while listening to Serial. I was OBSESSED with season 1 of Serial, I have listened to that season all the way through 5 times at this point and honestly probably could relisten to tomorrow.

This week my Monday Morning Obsessions are dedicated to my favorite podcasts that I am listening to right now. The podcasts that entertain me while I’m driving, working out, cleaning my house or when I’m looking for a soothing noise in the background.

My Favorite Murder

I am the proudest Murderino, I started listening to MFM on episode 2 and have LOVED watching this podcast grow into one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes. I am actually a huge scaredy cat so as much as I love listening to them advocate for the victims of some horrendous crimes I always google the crimes prior to listening to make sure there are no crimes that will keep me up at night.


I think the My Favorite Murder tagline says it all.

How I discovered My Favorite Murder: I was deep diving looking for a new crime podcast in 2016 when I discovered this podcast on iTunes new and noteworthy page, the best discovery I have ever made, thanks iTunes!

Bitch Sesh

Danielle Schneider and Casey Wilson, the hosts of this Bravo centric podcast, are hilarious comedians that break down all of the craziness that is Bravo TV programming. One of my favorite things to do is watch Bravo then discuss with other Bravo obsessed people like myself, so this podcast was made for me.  Every week they break down the biggest Bravo shows with hilarious commentary that you will only ever get from truly obsessed fans.

Is this podcast always factual? No. Does this podcast constantly make me laugh until I cry? Yes, yes, yes!!!

Casey and Danielle with the King of Bravo; Andy Cohen.

Must listen to episode: ANDY COHEN! Episode 52 he joins the ladies to talk all things housewives.


NPR is constantly knocking it out of the park with their content and this is no exception. This podcast spends its seasons investigating a different look at highly publicized news topics; this past season they went into coal country and got the opinion of individuals being affected by coal country politics.

Must listen to episode: Season 1, episode 1. This episode has stuck with me like no other podcast. It goes inside a house in Austin, Indiana as they are faced head-on with the opiod epidemic.


Vulture describes this podcast as a “true crime podcast that understands crime” and that seems to be an all-encompassing true statement about this wonderful, insightful crime podcast. This wonderfully produced podcast constantly brings light to crimes and victims that traditionally wouldn’t be on my radar.


Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald

Heather McDonald, the hilarious comedian, host the bi-weekly Juicy Scoop podcast. If you want the scoop from reality stars across all genres then this is a must! Heather always has the biggest reality stars on her podcast and she gets the dirt from every single one of them!


Who doesn’t love a Heather from the San Fernando Valley?


If you love Heather McDonald’s podcast: then Reality Life with Kate Casey is also a must listen to.

What podcasts are you listening to this summer? I am always looking to grow my podcast line up with new, exciting podcasts. I have many more road trips in my future this summer and would love new podcasts to accompany me.


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