Things I’m Obsessing Over This Week: Faux Leather Leggings

Things I’m Obsessing Over This Week: Faux Leather Leggings

We just returned home from a perfect weekend in Denver, we had the best time in the mile high city! We ate a ton, drank a ton and laughed a ton, it was such a relaxing weekend! Not only did I have a great time seeing all of my friends in Denver I also loved being in cooler temps so I could bust out my favorite fall clothes and fall accessories.

I flew to Denver with just one small personal item, I didn’t want to pay for a carry on so I had to be very strategic in my packing for the weekend away. The way I was able to successfully pack so lightly was incorporating versatile clothing items. My favorite versatile item I packed with me are my faux leather leggings from The Loft. These leggings can be dressed up with heels for a night out or worn out of the house with Nike’s for a casual travel outfit. Any way that you style these leggings they always look great!

Faux Leather Leggings

Faux leather leggings are something I saw nonstop during the Nordstrom. The pair everyone seems to own from the Nordstrom sale are the faux leather leggings from Spanx.  I don’t own the Spanx pair (yet) but I do own a plethora of faux leather leggings.  The first pair that I purchased back in 2013 is made of a thick cotton material with a faux leather stripe down the side, they are a staple item in my closet! Since purchasing that first pair 5 years ago I have invested in tons of similar pairs and I wear this style ALL THE TIME!

Once you purchase this style of leggings I promise you will love them as much as I do!! PROMISE! To help kickstart your shopping spree I did a bit of intense online shopping and found this amazing style of leggings at all different price points from a variety of retailers. My favorite pair of faux leather leggings that I am wearing all over this blog post are from The Loft. They are listed below at $69.50 but if you use the code FALL they are 50% off making them only $35!!! what a deal!!!

I am obsessed with the style of leggings because they look so cute and fashionable but are also so comfortable. I love to wear them while traveling so I can be super comfortable but also still look like I have my life somewhat together.


What are your favorite fall clothing items? I’m so obsessed with chambray, faux leather, and leopard this season!

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Things Im Obsessing Over This Week: Bell Sleeve Sweaters

Things Im Obsessing Over This Week: Bell Sleeve Sweaters

Happy first week of fall!! With all the fall fashion flooding my Instagram the past few months, it feels like fall has been here for weeks. I love fall fashion trends, if you want to read more about my love for fall fashion I posted about it here and here.  I love fall fashion outfits so much but because of my location get very few opportunities to dress for the occasion.

Last Thursday, my husband said we should go to Denver next weekend and without skipping a beat I said sounds great. He has friends that will be in Denver for a geology conference and my oldest friend that just had a baby lives in Denver. Booking a trip so last minute stresses some people out but its par for the course with the two of us, we love spontaneous adventures.

I have really been looking forward to trips outside of Palm Springs. Don’t get me wrong, I love Palm Springs, but we are almost in October and every day the thermometer still reads 100 degrees. So when I have a trip planned to somewhere with cooler temps I count down the minutes until we hop on that plane.


Last year, when we were living in Birmingham, AL I stocked up on all kinds of fall weather clothes, now looking back it probably wasn’t my smartest choice. I knew I was moving to the desert and yet I couldn’t stop buying new sweaters and boots.  One of the sweaters I purchased in multiple colors is this BP flare sleeve sweater from Nordstrom. At one point they were on sale for $23 so I really took advantage of that.

Side Note: Birmingham, Alabama in the fall is a wonderful place. The weather is PERFECT, the leaves are changing and everyone is in such a good mood because college football is back on.

Yesterday, I posted this picture on Instagram and got SO MANY questions about this sweater. I LOVE this sweater so I was so happy to see that my Instagram friends did as well. But there is one problem when I went to send links for this sweater I couldn’t find it anywhere; it’s sold out everywhere! I scoured the internet for hours looking for this sweater, and nothing.  Believe me, I looked everywhere!

So I did what I know how to do best and I went on a shopping mission. Luckily, I found some super close dupes to this sweater. I hope you love these below-listed bell sleeve sweaters as much as I do.

What is your favorite fall sweater trend? I live for an oversized sweater with fun details like an open back or a flared sleeve. I love to pair sweaters with a high rise jean and my favorite booties.
Happy Fall Y’all.
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Fall Fashion Favorites: Denim on Denim on Denim.

Fall Fashion Favorites: Denim on Denim on Denim.

This past week I have been on the move!! If you follow me on Instagram stories then you got a little glimpse into what I was calling The Tour De California! We drove all over the state but we spent most of our time on the central coast where we hiked, admired wildlife, drank wine, sat on the beach, and enjoyed each others company. Besides all the great activities, being in Northern California was so fun because I got to pull out all of my favorite sweaters and booties for the 60 degree days. Have you ever visited Big Sur or the Central Coast of California? It’s the most beautiful and dramatic coastline I have ever seen, absolutely gorgeous, add it to your must-visit list!!

I had the best time exploring California with my friends from Birmingham, AL but am so ready to spend some time cuddled up on the couch with my cats and catch up on The Real Housewives. The older I get the more it feels like I always need a vacation from my vacation, whos with me?

While unpacking this weekend I noticed I packed an abnormal amount of denim for my trip to Big Sur. I had my favorite jeans, my denim jacket that I never leave home without, multiple chambray tops and of course my Levi’s jean skirt. Anyone else obsess over denim in the fall like I do?

To share my love of denim, I put together my all-time favorite, affordable denim pieces. All denim picks listed in this post are under $50 because well that’s just how I shop. #frugal

I have always been a huge fan of the Canadian Tuxedo so I probably pair denim with denim far more often than the average girl. I blame Justin & Britney, when they wore those all denim looks to the VMA’s in 2001 I was in the 7th grade and in love with those tacky, matching outfits.

I mean I understand why Britney and Justin chose those outfits. Denim is such a great versatile material, it can be dressed up for a date night or dressed down for a casual, comfortable look. Denim has been in style for over 100 years and it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. The cut of our jeans may change but clothing made of denim will be around for eternity.

The key to really pulling off a denim on denim look is to pick the denim colors in different shades. Maybe a dark jacket on top and a light rinse jean on the bottom or like I did for this outfit where I paired a dark skirt with a light chambray shirt on top. When I am pairing denim on denim I also like to choose slightly different textures of denim, not a must, just something I like to do. For instance; this outfit, I am wearing a super lightweight chambray shirt with a heavy, non-stretch jean skirt; its the perfect combination of varying materials.

IMG_8865 (1)
Denim outfit with leopard mules
If you weren’t already, I hope this blog post got you on the denim obsessed bandwagon.
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Favorite Fall Outfits: Casual & Affordable Style

Favorite Fall Outfits: Casual & Affordable Style

This blog post has LONG been in the works, I have been browsing and shopping and returning clothes for weeks now in order to complete five perfect fall outfits. I am so excited to share my favorite fall looks that are real outfits all ladies can wear. I wanted the outfits to reflect my very casual, California style while also being at a price point that everyone could afford. These casual fall styles will be the perfect attire to drink beer in at an Oktoberfest or hit the pumpkin patch with your kids. Whatever activities your fall consist of these outfits will keep you stylish and comfortable all Fall long.

It’s also very important to mention that not one item listed below is over $75. I follow a lot of style bloggers and the outfits on their posts are full of pieces I would never splurge on, $250 for a pair of jeans, NOPE!

If you have been falling along on my Instagram, I have spent this past week vacationing on the central coast of California. The central coast of California is a must-visit destination for all ages and vacation interests. We stayed in the sleepy little town of Pacific Grove, which is just south of Monterey, CA. This coastal town had the perfect cool temperatures to bust out all of my favorite fall clothes that I was dying to wear.

Once you begin to scroll through this pictures you will notice a few trends.

1. I love a bodysuit! I think it looks so flattering and is a perfect layering item under a light jacket or sweater.

2. Leopard is my absolute favorite print of the fall season. Its funny, I am actually not much of a print girl, my closet is full of neutral items but leopard has really caught my attention this season and I hope it stays for a while.

3. I am obsessed with high rise jeans, specifically this pair! I have a super long torso so I feel like high waisted jeans help ensure that I always feel appropriate.

Five Favorite Fall Outfits

IMG_9344 (1)
Fall Outfit Ideas
But come on, can you get over how cute this leopard belt is? OBSESSED!

Casual Fall Outfits

A wrap is such a nice fall accessory, so perfect to just throw on real quick.

Will an oversized sweater ever go out of style?! I sure hope not.


If there is one thing I believe every twenty-something needs in her closet, it’s a leather jacket! This faux leather jacket is great for all seasons and is such a nice, quality item for a great price.


This Free People bralette has been spotted all over my Instagram, if you don’t own it yet, run and buy it now! I love love love it!
What are some awesome fall fashion pieces that you have added to your wardrobe this year? Next piece I am buying is for sure a long cardigan, I need one in my life! Any good recommendations?
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Fall Fashion: Casual Weekend Outfit

Fall Fashion: Casual Weekend Outfit

We made it to Monterey, CA! Yesterday, we woke at 5AM to make the trek from Palm Springs to Monterey for a fun little vacation with our closest friends from Birmingham, AL. I was so excited to escape the extreme heat of Palm Springs and enjoy the cooler coastal weather. The cooler temps also meant I was able to bust out my favorite, new fall clothes.

I get so excited when a new season is upon us and I can invest in some new fun clothes. This year the purchases were sparse because where we live there is no such thing as fall. A fall day means the temperature drops below 100 degrees, but definitely not sweater weather.

The fall clothes I have invested in items that can be worn in cooler weather but also appropriate for the spring and summer. For instance, this thermal shirt looks so cute with jeans but also perfect for lounge attire. Its soft, comfortable and very breathable; I have seen this shirt all over Instagram and thought it was time I finally invested in one for myself.

Last time I posted these jeans they were the most popular clothing item I have ever posted on my blog and that makes perfect sense because they are an amazing pair of well fitted, affordable jeans. A must purchase!

If you follow me on Instagram you will quickly see that these shoes are a new staple of mine. I am obsessed! If you are looking to invest in one pair of shoes this fall than this pair of leopard mules is the pair that you need.

Abercrombie jeans, waffle thermal and leopard mules.

Clearly this trip to the central coast is not fun at all. Next time you visit California the central coast is a must stop! The weather is perfect, the views are amazing and the wine is delicious! I think I need to write a perfect California road trip because I love to play tour guide for this great state I live in.

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