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I love a road trip, my husband loves a road trip, our cats mostly love a road trip. I mean nothing says adventure like a good road trip. Fortunately, long are the days when maps came on paper, and the only road trip entertainment available was a static radio. Now we have the luxury of cell phones and can download all of the best apps for road trips.

During my childhood, my family went on a ton of road trips! Every year we would load up our Dodge Caravan and trek to see our family in Texas, Oklahoma or Montana. When it comes down to it, I think I equate my love of road trips on all of those fun memories I had with my family growing up.

My mom is a 2nd-grade teacher, so when school was out for the summer, it was time for adventure. I would pack my little bag full of magazines with Nsync on the cover and grab my blue pocket GameBoy and was ready for the long drive. Road trips these days look a bit different then they did when I was a child.

Fortunately, technology has changed since the days of long road trips with my family. We no longer rely on a walkman and a paper atlas for these long trips. In 2019, all of the resources you need for a long, fun adventure can be downloaded onto your iPhone, there are so many available apps for road trips

If you are heading out on a road trip and are looking for the best apps for road trips, look no further! I’ve compiled all of the essential road trip apps you need including ones to entertain you and tools your wallet will be thanking me for later.

The Best Apps For Roadtrips



This app is similar to those other vacation rental sites, only better. Whimstay partners with vacation rental property managers to provide last-minute travelers with very affordable vacation rentals. The properties on the Whimstay app are listed at up to 60% off their original rate.

Hotels Tonight

This app is especially useful during a road trip because there are times when you just can’t stand driving anymore. Hotels Tonight has the BEST deals on hotels for those who book at the VERY last minute.

We all know but did you know on their app not only are you able to get hotels but you can also rent apartments, cabins, cottages, basically any kind of property that you want.



The Roadtrippers app is a must-have for going on a road trip. You can plan your road trip route and Roadtrippers will suggest great stops along the way. Say you are planning a Road trip and want to plan a little afternoon hike, RoadTrippers can give you suggestions along your route. It’s a great resource to outline your road trip before you even leave your house.


TripCase is traditionally for flight organization but has some great features that will help road trippers plan their travels. Use TripCase to organize a fun tour, or to see what the weather will be like. My favorite part about this app is it lets you save all the details so you can stay organized.

Finding Your Way

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As much as I love a road trip I have a secret, I am a horrible passenger. If you are like me and only like to sort of pay attention, this app is for you. iExit lets you know exactly what amenities are available at upcoming exits. You can search for places you want to stop, like certain gas stations or restaurants.

Cheap Gas


Probably the most practical app on this list. Not only is this app great for road trips, but if you are frugal like me, this is a great everyday app. It’s dedicated to helping you spend less on gas by showing you where the nearest gas stations are and which ones are the cheapest.

The Best Food

TV Food Maps

Are you ready for the coolest app?! This food app shows you restaurants that have been featured on your favorite food shows and lets you plan your trip around those restaurants. It also allows you to filter restaurants by the tv show they were featured on.


When it comes to food on the go, I can be VERY indecisive. FoodSpotting finds food based on what sounds good, not just the restaurant type. This app is a great road trip tool because it lets you choose where to eat based on specific dishes and there are photos and reviews of the food!

Food Tripping

Food Tripping helps you eat healthier on your road trip by suggesting healthier food options. I like to eat a low carb diet and on a road trip, that can be tricky. It’s easy to only eat junk food while on a long trek, but this app helps you find healthier food options. From organic coffee shops to a farmer’s market, this app is your best resource for healthier food options.


apps for road trips


This app gives you access to Audio guides for destinations all over the world. Learn something new about each place you stop. It’s like a local tour guide but on an app.

Loyal Books

Loyal Books has a wide selection of free audiobooks and you don’t need a library card to gain access! Audiobooks are great for a road trip and also a great way to unwind at the end of your workday.

Tune In Radio

TuneIn Radio is one of the best apps around for listening to the radio on your phone. The app offers a library of music, sports, talk, etc. This app is super easy to use and the sound quality is much better than the white noise you may hear on your car radio while driving through the middle of the desert.


Raise your hand if you love some NPR?!? National Public Radio (NPR) has created an app that makes it’s content accessible wherever. You can listen to your local National Public Radio station or any of the network’s shows. I highly recommend listening to Embedded on your next road trip, you can thank me later.

The Podcast App

This is a given right? I live for a podcast. I might not be up to date with current music, but ask me about a recent podcast and I know them all. My current favorite binge-able podcasts are:

  1. The Dream
  2. The Missing Cryptoqueen
  3. America Dissected
  4. The Mysterious Mr. Epstein
  5. Bardstown

If you need additional podcast recommendations, you can find some of my favorites here.

Future Adventures

Now that I have rounded up all of my favorite apps for road trips, I feel the need to hit the open road. Where should we go next? I would love to drive to The Grand Canyon or maybe Arches National Park.

Please tell me, where are you heading next? Will you be the driver or are you like me and sit passenger the entire time? Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear about your adventures!

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