Fall Fashion Trends: Leather Jackets Under $100

I have a question: do leather jackets ever go out of style? That is a trick question we all know the answer is NO! I love a leather jacket, it’s appropriate for almost every month and it looks good on top of most outfits! Leather jackets are one of the most versatile pieces and everyone needs a good leather jacket in their closet.

This fall there are so many fall trends that I am excited about like animal print, graphic tees, flare jeans and all of the plaid. But my favorite fall fashion piece isn’t a trend, its a must-have in your closet every year, a good leather jacket.

Fall Outfit Ideas

As we transition from summer to fall a leather jacket is a must! I love seeing a leather jacket paired with a dress, specifically a slip dress! A leather jacket adds the right amount of edge to a feminine outfit.

Let’s be clear: when I say leather jackets you know I mean leather style jackets right? Most of my picks are vegan leather which is better for us animal lovers and much nicer on the wallet.

I have a few leather jackets but my all-time favorite is my Blank NYC leather jacket. I purchased it from the Nordstrom sale a few years back and what a great purchase! Ultimately, my favorite style is a classic black leather jacket, but a colored leather jacket is so fun! Last year, I bought a red leather jacket and I am obsessed. My red leather jacket makes me feel like a country singer from the ’90s and I am all about it. I tried to keep this list all under $100, but my red leather jacket is a splash over $100. My red leather jacket is such a good one, I had to include it.

Fall fashion trends

Leather Jackets Under $100

When it comes to sizing for all jackets, I like to size up just a bit. I prefer the fit to be a bit oversized, that way it can comfortably fit over a sweater or multiple layers.

QUESTION: What is your favorite fall trend?? Let me know in the comments below.

All outfit details can be found here.

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