The Best Fall Lipstick

Fall lipstick for every skintone

It’s Fall! How did that happen? Where has the year gone? The calendar might say fall but the weather does not indicate that the seasons have changed. I am not able to break out my fall sweaters yet but one thing I can do is bust out all of my favorite fall lipstick.

Every year I look forward to updating my makeup routine. No matter the actual weather, I love to update my makeup just a little. For instance, in summer I like lots of golds and shimmer and by winter I prefer a clean, matte look. In the fall, I like to soften my blush to a more mauve color and use a lot of cool-toned eyeshadows. I subtly update my makeup routine every season and one thing I love to update is my lipstick.

Fall lipstick

I’ve said it once, I’ll say 10 more times, I LOVE A BOLD LIP! This summer I was obsessed with a very glossy nude lip but my usual go-to colors are purples and pinks with a strong brown undertone. This year, fall lipstick is all about a matte lip, who is with me!?

Fall Lipstick You Need to Try Now!

I talk about this on Instagram a ton so if you follow me there you know I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE lipstick! To quote my girl Rhianna, “Lipstick. It draws attention away from any flaws. When someone is wearing lipstick, you just assume they’re wearing a full face of makeup. And guys are stupid–they won’t notice when you’re not.” YES, GIRL!!! I couldn’t agree more! Its the easiest makeup to apply and completes a look.

If you were to look in my current makeup bag about 40% of the bag is lip products, I really can’t live without a strong lip collection. What’s your go-to fall lipstick? Let me know in the comments, I always need new lipsticks.

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