The Best of TJ MAXX: Spring/ Summer Fashions

The Best of TJ MAXX: Spring/ Summer Fashions

My Instagram feed is currently full of the cutest spring/summer fashions from all sorts of retailers but one retailer I have not yet seen represented is my personal favorite, TJ Maxx. I think it’s safe to say that basically everyone loves TJ Maxx, right? I also think everyone would agree that hunting for the cutest items at TJ Maxx can be quite the chore.

I spent hours combing TJ Maxx’s website for the absolute cutest summer fashions and let me tell you, I found tons of cute, must have items. The best part about all of my TJ Maxx finds is they are all under $50!!! WHAT?! I know, isn’t TJ Maxx the best?

After spending so much time shopping on TJ Maxx’s website what I quickly realized is the best summer fashions on their website are their accessories. I found the absolute cutest shoes, purses, and earrings!

If you scroll through my TJ Maxx picks you can quickly identify what trends I am obsessed with this spring/ summer. The trends that I can’t get enough of are one piece swimsuits, straw bags, and espadrille-inspired shoes.

What are your favorite spring/summer trends that you can’t seem to get enough of in 2019?

Okay, now let’s get to the real good stuff at TJ Maxx.

Hope you enjoyed my TJ Maxx picks. Now, I need to know what is your absolute favorite retailer!?

Happy Shopping!

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Hat On The Map | Lifestyle and Fashion Blog

The Perfect Fall Cocktail Dress Under $40

The Perfect Fall Cocktail Dress Under $40

This past weekend I celebrated my 30th birthday and like most people I envisioned a big 30th celebration with all of my closest friends and family. We ended up attending a large celebration it just wasn’t a celebration for my 30th birthday. For my 30th birthday, we traveled to Tuscon, Arizona for one of my husband’s friend’s weddings.

It was an absolutely beautiful wedding just not the celebration I expected for this big birthday. The groom is one of my husband, Mike’s closest college friends so it was basically a college reunion for him. When Mike and I began dating it was his last semester of college so while I keep saying it was Mike’s friend’s wedding a few guys in attendance were good friends of mine as well.

I don’t want to complain too much about my 30th birthday being the same day as Mike’s friend’s wedding because this coming weekend we are having the real birthday celebration in New Orleans! The big easy here we come!!!

Anyways, since I knew I was celebrating my birthday at someone’s wedding and I wouldn’t be in control of the night one thing I knew I could control was the outfit that I wore! I wanted to look so extra and fabulous but also comfortable and appropriate for a Tuscon, Arizona wedding.

IMG-9033 (1)

Last year my besties Josh and Morgan got married and I wore a super extra, most fabulous dress so clearly, I wanted to replicate something similar to that dress. I went to Rent The Runway because that is where I thought I would find the best deal. I love the Rent The Runway service but I feel like if I have time to actually search and shop I can find much better deals at alternative retailers. I paid $50 dollars to rent a dress that was almost the exact same dress as the one I bought for this wedding for only $40. Moral of the story, deals are out there you just have to be willing to search for them.

Below is the best picture I have of that dress from Rent The Runway, not too evident from this picture but the two dresses are actually very similar!


Now the best part, the beautiful cocktail dresses for under $40.


While I was shopping for a dress to wear as a wedding guest these dresses are perfect for any cocktail attire event in the fall.  All the dresses I purchased are under $40! I still can’t believe these beautiful dresses were so reasonable, such a deal! I think $40 and below is a price point that everyone can afford.

I ended up going with the one sleeve sequin dress because I felt like a bronzed goddess in it BUT I loved ALL THE DRESSES that I purchased. I did a try on session of all of the dresses on my Instagram, if you are interested in seeing the try on session I saved that on my Instagram Highlights under Try On Sessions.

If you are ever in a pinch and need help finding a specific item at a great price, please use me as a resource, I get such a high off finding a deal!

Happy Shopping!

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The Best Free People Finds At TJ Maxx

The Best Free People Finds At TJ Maxx

I love a deal, like really, really love a deal. So there is nothing I get more excited about then when I find my favorite brand, Free People, at my favorite store, TJ Maxx. I get a lot of my clothes and shoes from TJ Maxx because I love a deep discount.

The TJ Maxx here in Palm Springs is always loaded with cute, new Free People items. I recently wore a Free People dress to a wedding that I bought at TJ Maxx for $14.99!!! It’s not on the TJ Maxx website but it is available from ASOS for $66.00.

Free People Daydream Lace Open Back Party Dress

The tricky thing about the TJ Maxx website is you can’t search for brand names. I think they want you to experience their website like you would their store, endless amounts of browsing.

I want to do more TJ Maxx blog posts because I am a professional when it comes to deep diving into the TJ Maxx website. Unfortunately, TJ Maxx is hard to monetize for bloggers so while there are a million blog posts about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale it was time to give more attention to everyone’s actual favorite store, TJ Maxx.

I put together a few of my favorite Free People pieces as found on the TJ Maxx website. My absolute favorites from this list are the Santoshi Pant Set, The Sure Please bodysuit, and The Wild Rose Embroidered skirt. Adding those to my cart now.

Embroidered V-neck Maxi Dress

Free People Maxi Dress

Stripe Me Up Dress

Free People Striped Dress

Fleur Du Jour Mini Dress

Off The Shoulder Free People Dress

Emerald City Mini Dress

Emerald Free People Mini Dress

Coryn Mini Dress

Free People Mini Dress

Santoshi Pants Set

Free People Two Piece Set

Wild Rose Embroidered Mini Skirt

Free People Jean Skirt

Garden Time Tee

Free People T Shirt

A Bit Of Something Sweet Smocked Top

Free People Top

Sure Please Bodysuit

Free People Bodysuit

Graphic Jordan Tee

Free People Graphic T Shirt

New Tuscan Dreams Top

Free People To

What TJ Maxx category or brand should I cover next? I’m thinking dresses for bridal festivities. That sounds fun.

Happy Shopping!

– Heather