Winter Fashion Trends That I Am So Excited About

Winter Fashion Trends That I Am So Excited About

A new season is upon us, time for new fashion trends, right? Well, at least I think so. I am not a fashion trend forecasting expert but I love to find the cutest trends for every season and translate those trends into outfits for the everyday girl.

A few of these winter trends are continuations from fall but I am beyond excited they are following us to winter because a world without animal print is a world I’m not ready for. If you read my fall trends post then you know I have been excited about pleats, leopard print and leather for a while and I am ecstatic that these trends are following us to winter.


I recently posted on Instagram my own take on these winter trends. This winter white chenille sweater and velvet shoes will be on repeat all winter long. who knew velvet sneakers were a thing? I didn’t and I don’t know how I lived without them.

When searching online I could not find a list of winter trends that was targeted at someone like myself. All of the trend posts that I read were for high fashion, big budget ladies and well that just is not me. In an effort to stay true to my roots, this post is for all of those ladies out there whose Saturday nights might be spent at a local dive bar and their clothing budgets are much more conservative.

Because of where I live (Hello, beautiful Palm Springs) I do not get to wear traditional winter clothes on the daily but the good thing about my list is all of these trends have an option that is appropriate for us ladies who live in a more mild climate. If I am going to be completely honest, I am not a big fan of the cold. I love to visit the cold for a weekend and then rush back to my warm, sunny home.

Note: If you see something below that you are interested in always make sure to click on the link for accurate pricing. When I link on my blog sometimes the images do not display the sale price.

Now let’s get to my favorite fashion trends this winter





Animal Print


Faux Fur










Winter White



FotoJet (74)


November Amazon Fashion Haul: Sweaters Under $35

November Amazon Fashion Haul: Sweaters Under $35

New month, new sweaters. That’s a thing right?

Okay, if you have been reading my blog for a while you know one thing, I love Amazon. LOVE LOVE LOVE. It’s just a convenience that I don’t feel like I get from any other website. Whether you are looking for a full sweater outfit or pumpkin-shaped cats toys, it’s all there.

Sweater Outfit

Not only do I love Amazon for their convenience, but I also love their reliability. Two-day shipping on all prime orders, unheard of from other retailers. Now that we live in California sometimes I even get my orders in one day, it’s crazy.

Two weeks ago I placed a huge order of dresses for a wedding we will be attending this weekend. I frequently shop at this retailer’s brick and mortar but never shop on their website.  The website said the package would arrive in 5 business days but here we are on day 10 and still no package of dresses. You know what company I would never run into that issue with? Amazon.

Fall Fashion

In prep for cooler temps, I went a bit crazy on new sweaters. I really don’t need new sweaters because 1. I live in Palm Springs and 2. I have a whole closet full but I just lovveeee new, cute clothes. Turns out, I have a shopping problem. Oops.

I did a full try on of all of these sweaters on my Instagram last week and it was the biggest response that I ever got to my stories so you can expect a lot more try ons in my stories. If you have a question what any of these sweaters would look like on a real person, head to the story highlights on my Instagram and its all saved there.

NOTE: The green sweater is marketed as a sweater dress but unless you are a child or under 5 foot then it is NOT A DRESS.

Now let’s get to the sweaters.

All of these sweaters are under $35 and available on Amazon Prime. All images below are shoppable.

-Happy Shopping

FotoJet (74)

2018 Fall Trends I Am Obsessing Over

2018 Fall Trends I Am Obsessing Over

As sad as I am to see summer go, I am so excited about the fall fashion trends on the horizon. While we live in Palm Springs and won’t see fall temperatures at all, we spend a lot of our weekend time with my family in Big Bear Lake, CA. Big Bear Lake is a Southern California mountain town nestled 6500 ft in the San Bernardino Mountains where the fall weather is often quite chilly allowing me to wear all of my favorite sweaters and booties.

This fall, I am really digging the muted colors that this season is bringing us. I love a neutral, I am not huge into bold prints or bright colors so the trends that fall 2018 is bringing us is giving me all the feelings.

I’m obsessed with all of the below trends, Fall 2018 is a good season for fashion lovers. This list is all of my favorite fall finds and includes links to where you can find all the items. Everything I have listed is under $100 because I love a deal!

Leopard Print

Leopard is everywhere but my favorite leopard print item I have seen is the shoes! Like the mules and heels below. These shoes are perfect if you want to embrace this trend without going a full-on Snooki.




Pleated Skirts

This is a summer trend that is transitioning nicely into the fall. A high waisted skirt with a cropped sweater is one of my FAVORITE looks. Also, let’s talk about this dark green color for fall, IM OBSESSED.

Mango Pleated Midi Skirt

Green Pleated Midi Skirt

Faux Suede Skirts and Jackets

Faux Suede Skirt

 This skirt is on major sale right now! Only $39!

Faux Fringe Skirt

Faux Suede Fringe Jacket

This jacket kind of falls into two of my fall trend categories it is both suede and western inspired and let’s just say I can’t get my hands on this jacket fast enough!! oh, and did I mention it’s only $31!

Faux Suede Fringe Jacket


Romantic Sleeves

Gosh, this trend really makes me wish I held on to all of my outfits from freshmen year of high school, in 2003 I got down with a romantic sleeve.

Tularosa Courage Sweater

Belle Sleeved Sweater

Ann Taylor Off The Shoulder Smocked Waist Dress

Off The Shoulder Midi Dress

Western Inspired

I love western wear give me a pair of boots and some fringe and I am in. I spent many Halloweens as a child dressed up as Reba Mcentire so I guess that has always been my aesthetic.

Very Volatile Cady Chelsea Bootie

Western Booties

Fringe Faux Leather Jacket

Faux Leather Jacket with Fringe

My favorite pair of shoes I have probably ever seen in my life is this pair of Jeffrey Cambell Western Booties but they are almost $300 and nobody has time for that!

What looks are you excited to embrace when the temperature begins to drop? I hope my Instagram is full of fringe jackets and leopard shoes!

Next week I’ll be posting the 10 fall staples that I can’t live without. Everyone has fall staples that are worn year after year, what are your go-to fall favorites?

Happy Shopping!