Fall Fashion Favorites: Denim on Denim on Denim.

Fall Fashion Favorites: Denim on Denim on Denim.

This past week I have been on the move!! If you follow me on Instagram stories then you got a little glimpse into what I was calling The Tour De California! We drove all over the state but we spent most of our time on the central coast where we hiked, admired wildlife, drank wine, sat on the beach, and enjoyed each others company. Besides all the great activities, being in Northern California was so fun because I got to pull out all of my favorite sweaters and booties for the 60 degree days. Have you ever visited Big Sur or the Central Coast of California? It’s the most beautiful and dramatic coastline I have ever seen, absolutely gorgeous, add it to your must-visit list!!

I had the best time exploring California with my friends from Birmingham, AL but am so ready to spend some time cuddled up on the couch with my cats and catch up on The Real Housewives. The older I get the more it feels like I always need a vacation from my vacation, whos with me?

While unpacking this weekend I noticed I packed an abnormal amount of denim for my trip to Big Sur. I had my favorite jeans, my denim jacket that I never leave home without, multiple chambray tops and of course my Levi’s jean skirt. Anyone else obsess over denim in the fall like I do?

To share my love of denim, I put together my all-time favorite, affordable denim pieces. All denim picks listed in this post are under $50 because well that’s just how I shop. #frugal

I have always been a huge fan of the Canadian Tuxedo so I probably pair denim with denim far more often than the average girl. I blame Justin & Britney, when they wore those all denim looks to the VMA’s in 2001 I was in the 7th grade and in love with those tacky, matching outfits.

I mean I understand why Britney and Justin chose those outfits. Denim is such a great versatile material, it can be dressed up for a date night or dressed down for a casual, comfortable look. Denim has been in style for over 100 years and it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. The cut of our jeans may change but clothing made of denim will be around for eternity.

The key to really pulling off a denim on denim look is to pick the denim colors in different shades. Maybe a dark jacket on top and a light rinse jean on the bottom or like I did for this outfit where I paired a dark skirt with a light chambray shirt on top. When I am pairing denim on denim I also like to choose slightly different textures of denim, not a must, just something I like to do. For instance; this outfit, I am wearing a super lightweight chambray shirt with a heavy, non-stretch jean skirt; its the perfect combination of varying materials.

IMG_8865 (1)
Denim outfit with leopard mules
If you weren’t already, I hope this blog post got you on the denim obsessed bandwagon.
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Fall Fashion: Casual Weekend Outfit

Fall Fashion: Casual Weekend Outfit

We made it to Monterey, CA! Yesterday, we woke at 5AM to make the trek from Palm Springs to Monterey for a fun little vacation with our closest friends from Birmingham, AL. I was so excited to escape the extreme heat of Palm Springs and enjoy the cooler coastal weather. The cooler temps also meant I was able to bust out my favorite, new fall clothes.

I get so excited when a new season is upon us and I can invest in some new fun clothes. This year the purchases were sparse because where we live there is no such thing as fall. A fall day means the temperature drops below 100 degrees, but definitely not sweater weather.

The fall clothes I have invested in items that can be worn in cooler weather but also appropriate for the spring and summer. For instance, this thermal shirt looks so cute with jeans but also perfect for lounge attire. Its soft, comfortable and very breathable; I have seen this shirt all over Instagram and thought it was time I finally invested in one for myself.

Last time I posted these jeans they were the most popular clothing item I have ever posted on my blog and that makes perfect sense because they are an amazing pair of well fitted, affordable jeans. A must purchase!

If you follow me on Instagram you will quickly see that these shoes are a new staple of mine. I am obsessed! If you are looking to invest in one pair of shoes this fall than this pair of leopard mules is the pair that you need.

Abercrombie jeans, waffle thermal and leopard mules.

Clearly this trip to the central coast is not fun at all. Next time you visit California the central coast is a must stop! The weather is perfect, the views are amazing and the wine is delicious! I think I need to write a perfect California road trip because I love to play tour guide for this great state I live in.

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Charcuterie Board On A Budget

Charcuterie Board On A Budget

Charcuterie Board; those two words are music to my ears. One of my favorite things in the world is a nice cured meat with a soft cheese and a cold glass of Marlborough Valley Sauvignon Blanc. If this trio was a bit healthier, I would have this combination every single day.

I find my favorite nights are the ones where we stay home, put together a fun Charcuterie or grazing board and play a little game of dominoes. The main issue I have with creating a charcuterie board is the price tag adds up so fast! I wanted to challenge myself to put together a Charcuterie Board on a budget and I was pretty pleased with the results.

For this board, I stuck to a strict budget of $30. With that budget, I wasn’t able to get as much variety as I normally would but I am still pretty proud of how the board turned out. With the exception of the strawberries and meat, I did the all of my shopping at Trader Joe’s.

My board shown in this post is from Target, I linked it below with additional reasonable boards that I love.

Now let’s make this Charcuterie Board!

Charcuterie Board

To begin, start with the ingredient(s) that belong in a bowl. For this board, I am only putting olives in a bowl but this would also be the time to include any dips like a hummus or tapenade.

Charcuterie Board Ideas

Next: add cheese. Sticking to a budget was most difficult when it came to cheese selection because your girl LOVES a fancy cheese. On the board: the three smaller slivers come from the Trader Joe’s tapas pack and are the perfect amount of cheese for a charcuterie board. The larger bit of cheese is triple cream brie with mushrooms, its to die for! SO DELICIOUS.

Side Note: If you are ever in the Palm Springs area there is a great cheese and charcuterie board shop called On The Mark. It’s a must visit.

How To Make a Charcuterie Board

Next up: Add Meat, for this board I used pepperoni and salami but my favorite is a hard Spanish chorizo. I normally would purchase my cured meats for a board from Whole Foods, but the budget did not allow for that. There is a great selection of cured meats at Whole Foods!. On this board, the pepperoni is prepackaged from the refrigerated section at Ralph’s and the salami is boars head from the Ralph’s deli.

Charcuterie board from Trader Joes

Add tomatoes or any easy to enjoy vegetable. Another option for non-tomato lovers is bell pepper or carrots. I like to separate my fruits and vegetables with the cheese in case there are any non-strict vegetarians in attendance, in that case, they would be able to enjoy the board’s ingredients as well.

Charcuterie Board on a budget

Add fresh and dried fruit. for this board I used strawberries and the chili spiced dried mango from Trader Joes. If you have not tried the chili spiced dried mango, its such a must!

Charcuterie Board Display

Finally, add nuts and crackers and enjoy!

What are your favorite charcuterie board items that I am missing?  I really love a spreadable cheese, sad the budget didn’t allow me to include that.

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The Best Of Labor Day Sales: Casual Fall Outfit.

The Best Of Labor Day Sales: Casual Fall Outfit.

Today is a big day in our house for two very different reasons. Its the day my husband looks forward to all year long, the start of college football season but it also happens to be our first wedding anniversary! Besides the aforementioned reasons, my favorite part of the long, holiday weekend is all the sales!

I never post on Saturdays but I couldn’t wait to share these deeply discounted items. My entire outfit is on major sale for the long weekend and everything is under $50!

Leopard Print Mules

September marks the start of jean season and close-toed shoes so what better way to bring in the new month then stocking up on some new jeans and fun mules.

I made my husband take tons of pictures of me throughout the neighborhood because  I really wanted to show off my new leopard mules that I am obsessed with!! They are Steve Madden and look so good with casual jeans or a dress.

My high rise jeans are 50% off and are the perfect, ankle, transition jean. So comfortable, so cute. I am usually a 6 Petite in jeans but size down with this retailer.

This black halter top is meant for summer but would look great underneath a leather jacket, once the temps start to drop.

Leopard Mules • High Rise JeansBlack Halter Top 


Abercrombie High Rise Jeans
Express Black Halter Top

Besides purchasing tons of cute jeans and shoes, I am also looking for a large area rug to purchase this weekend so if anyone has any suggestions, I am all ears!

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Casual Amazon Little Black Dress

Casual Amazon Little Black Dress

I have been getting tons of questions on Instagram about my new Amazon dress so it was time I added it to the blog. It’s my new favorite Amazon fashion find.

This casual Amazon dress is EVERYTHING. It’s flattering, so comfortable and the best part is, it’s only $14.99!! What!?! The sides are ruched giving this causal dress great shape! Because of the ruched sides and stretch, it would be a great dress for expecting moms!  You can also find this dress in long sleeve and tank top versions. Its the perfect dress to run errands in or to dress up for a night out. I can’t wait to wear this dress in fall with a jacket and my favorite Nike’s!

I want to hear everyone’s favorite Amazon finds because I have been on an Amazon buying streak lately and I don’t want it to end!


Shoes • Black Dress  • State Necklace  • Cateye Sunglasses

Amazon Black Dress
Little Black Dress
Casual Black Dress

How pretty is Palm Springs? We are so lucky to live here! It is the perfect backdrop for all my pictures.

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