Wooden Watches: This Holidays Must-Have Accessory


I am so excited to announce that I have partnered with JORD Wood Watches for an awesome wood watch giveaway !! I am sure you are like me and have never heard or owned a wooden watch but I am so glad I was introduced to Jord and their awesome wood watches.

Wood Watch

Let’s be honest, I seldom wear watches because I find most watches too heavy and distracting while I am typing away all day on my computer. Totally not the case with Jord watches, their watches are so lightweight that it makes for a great everyday accessory.

My Jord Watch is my new favorite accessory because it’s so unique but looks great with everything! The wood is so subtle but distinct that it looks great dressed up or with a casual outfit. Jord watches can be worn by itself or with some arm candy, you really can’t go wrong.

My experience with Jord Watches and their customer service has been amazing! I am a very average size girl but for some reason, I have insanely thin wrists, it’s very strange. When I was picking out my new Jord Watch they provided me with everything I needed to ensure the best fit. Once I received the watch there was also additional links to adjust to best fit my wrist.

With the Holidays quickly approaching what better gift to give than a Jord Watch. Why not throw your typical gift card idea out and gift all of your loved ones with this awesome customizable watch. They are the leader in wooden watches with a great variety of men and women’s watches and offer 13 different types of wood that are all completely customizable and engravable.

Now is the fun part!!!  I have partnered with JORD Watches to give away $100 credit towards a unique watch of your choosing (for either you or to gift this holiday season). I have the Cassia series watch and I adore it! Use this link to enter the $100 giveaway and to receive 10% off.  Hurry..contest ends December 9th!

Women’s Watch

Wooden Wrist Watch


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